I have always been a passionate storyteller and the influence of stories on people and their decisions impresses me. I like to immerse myself in the projects I work on and I fully focus on the research and the creation of the stories.

Andy Meeus, Writer and owner of Andy’s Music Corner

I Started writing fictional stories in 2013 and soon found out writing was my purpose in life. It then also didn’t took too long before I found out that I needed to do more than writing stories. So I first took a couple of courses to improve my skills. Those skills became scriptwriting, content writing and copywriting. When I finished those courses and obtained the licenses for them I kept improving my skills by practicing those in real life, and after a couple of years of still struggling with those skills, I finally found out what was the thing I needed to write about: Music. So that’s when Andy’s Music corner first came to my mind and here we are today. The blog is up and running and I haven’t regretted it ever since.

What i’ll do

Band Interviews

Music News

Album Reviews

Copy- and content writing


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