Album review: Guardians by August Burns Red

Guardians is again a masterpiece of music with a great switch between symphonic pieces and rough, yet shivering music.

Metalcore band August Burns Red dropped their new album today and it is again a high quality, technical play. 

For the past years the guys of ABR have been continuing getting their levels up and yes, they did it again. The new album, called: Guardians, is again going up in line seen from the previous album that also was a stunning piece of music. 

Every time when the five guys drop some new materials it is something that blows not only it’s fans away, but also the whole metal scene. This scene, unlike some people think, is a group of close friends. Bands like Architects, Parkway Drive, Bring me the horizon, etc. don’t see each other as a family, rather than seeing each other as rivals.

In 2016, the band Architects gone through a rough period in their lives. That, because their guitarist Tom Searle passed away due to cancer. What other bands did for this disastrous happening, was something that not only gave the band members of architects shivers, but also the fans of the band a lump in the throat, or even tears in the eyes. Bands from the entire scene payed tributes to Tom, playing a very emotional song of their own, dedicated towards him and that personally brought tears to my eyes too. 

Back to August burns red. Today they celebrate the release of their new album. Guardians counts eleven songs on the tracklist. The album starts off immediately with a melodic introduction and rushes off quite a few seconds after the start. Something that is very familiar to the albums of this great band. Going further on the list, The band keeps it greatly balanced with heavy drums, heavy guitars and awesome screams. Only to shut that all off a couple of minutes later and bring the listeners a moment of zen. This they do with beautiful guitar play that let the fans dreaming away in the sound and giving them the opportunity to reflect their lives, days, … 

Overall the band has done it again in this new album, including using their trademark: Ending the album with a piece of music that gives you, as listener, instantly shivers. 

For more information about the band or the new album go to their website: https://augustburnsred.com or to their Facebook page.

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