Album review: Despised Icon – Purgatory.

Purgatory, New album by Despised Icon.

A unique album with nice vocal line variations, beautiful instrumental pieces and great transitions

Despised Icon is an established name in the contemporary metal scene and they have released a new album. The Canadian band, with roots in Montreal, Quebec, have been active since 2002 and today have six albums to their credit. After their debut album in 2002 they have grown very quickly. They have been active under the Century Media label for a long time, until they announced in 2010 that they were quitting. That came as a blow to the fans. Anyone who is a fan Despised Icon will be able to confirm that and I must honestly say; I was also surprised by that news.

But in 2014, after several years of absence, the fans got hope again. Despised Icon announced that they were going to tour again. Although with new band members, it was only a small thing for the fans. Since then, they’ve collaborated with the Nuclear Blast label and under that they have now released two albums, including this album: Purgatory.

Purgatory is the youngest member of their discography and has eleven songs. It is an album on which they give themselves completely, that is certainly evident. Everything is incorporated: from instrumental pieces, to heavy breakdowns and from very deep grunts to pig squeals. With this album Despised Icon wants to show off and show the world that they are completely back and they do that with verve.

The tracks on the album are generally not long songs, but there are beautiful transitions everywhere, there is a good variety of vocal and scream lines and there are nice instrumental pieces, such as exciting drum pieces, a very varied variety of vocal lines and very fast transitions from slow breakdowns to fast musical pieces. There is also a nice change of language. Some songs are written entirely in French, while other songs are written entirely in English. The guitar solos are a bit missed, but that is only a small matter.

The album starts with an instrumental intro in which only guitar is used. Nevertheless, it does give you a very deep feeling. After the intro they open the album with mainstream drums and the vocal line also falls in after a few seconds with deep screams. After a few more seconds, the rhythm accelerates and the Canadians take you on a road trip through memory lane. Halfway through the song you are suddenly awakened, because there is something hidden there that you might have been waiting for. The drums slow down, the guitar falls in and you wake up from your trance, straight into the very first breakdown of the album and you realize: Despised Icon is still alive and kicking!

You will definitely get that feeling a few times throughout the entire album. The band has not been idle and you notice, they have worked hard to create an album for their fans that they will enjoy for a long time and they deliver a high quality album. Just like they always did before.


  1. Dernier souffle
  2. Purgatory
  3. Light speed
  4. Slow burning
  5. Snake in the grass
  6. Vies d’anges
  7. Moving on
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Apex predator
  10. Legacy
  11. Deadweight

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