Album review Suicide Silence – Become the hunter.

39 minutes, no standing still guaranteed

Suicide Silence – Become the hunter.

Deathcore band Suicide Silence is 20 years old this year and they celebrate that with their sixth studio album. The Californian band, with roots in Riverside, has not had an easy time in recent years. After the death of their singer, Mitch Lucker, in 2012 they went through a deep valley but also came out very strong. They owe this primarily to their talent, but also to the help of several other musicians who have assisted and helped them over the years. Just think of the many guest singers they always had with them. However, since 2014 they have a new fixed value for this position. Eddie Hermida now takes on the role of Mitch Lucker and he does so, albeit in his own way, in a very impressive way.

Their new album is definitely on to put on through your speakers sometime. Become The Hunter tells a mysterious story in which the listener will fully immerse. The album as a whole lasts almost forty minutes, but once you start it, it feels like those forty minutes, only are forty seconds. If you put up Become The Hunter you will start nodding your head anyway and soon you will find yourself head-banging really hard. Become The Hunter opens with a phenomenal intro, followed by an equally phenomenal transition that drags you right into the album.

The vocal lines are very well done and that in combination with the beautiful guitar pieces and high-quality technical drums immediately brings this album to a top level. Also the change from speed to breakdowns, to melancholic pieces and pieces of music that brings tears to your eyes, because you think back to those deceased loved ones of yours as those of the music industry, makes that album one of the better ones that the band has already released. Oh yes, and of course those fast pieces should not be forgotten. Those musical highlights that put a grin on your face and immediately make you jump out of that chair, turn the volume knob and start to bang your head and jump around so that you “almost” got that vase, you got as a gift from your grandparents last year, got shot from your fireplace.

Become The Hunter just has it all and before you realize it, you’ll hear those last notes of the album and you hear Eddie shouting the album title one more time on a deep, slow grunt. Suddenly you stand still, the music disappears and there is a brief silence in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else that you are at that moment. But that grin that you got forty minutes ago is still there and you think to yourself: what a worthy tribute to Mitch and they also put their name on the map again with the message: Watch out, because we are all back and we are going to show you all that we cannot done so easily.


  1. Meltdown
  2. Two Steps
  3. Feel Alive
  4. Love Me To Death
  5. In Hiding
  6. Death’s Anxiety
  7. Skin Tight
  8. The Scythe
  9. Seren Obscene
  10. Disaster Valley
  11. Become The Hunter

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