Interview with: The dirty denims.

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The dirty denims are a Happy hardrock band who find their roots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Started in 2006, means that they are already fourteen years on the road and still counting. For a dutch band, that is really something. So who are they?

I had the huge opportunity to have an interview with these guys and do a small Q&A with them. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Introduce yourself shortly:
    We are The Dirty Denims from Eindhoven – The Netherlands. We rock with 2 boys and 2 girls: Suzanne on drums, Jeroen on guitar, Marc on bass and me – Mirjam – on vocals/guitar.
  1. Which genre do you play?
    We play Happy Hardrock, a mix of Hard Rock, Punk Rock and Power Pop. AC/DC meets Joan Jett meets KISS!
  1. Have you done many gigs already?
    Yup! We started the band in 2006 and the last years we usually had (with no Corona) 40-45 gigs a year. 
  1. Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?
    We mostly play our own songs! Sometimes a cover from AC/DC, Joan Jett, KISS, The Romantics or The Ramones.
  1. When playing covers, do you give them a little twist of your own and how do you do that part of the job?
    A little, because most covers we do are originally sang by a man, so I will sing them as a girl (but not as GIRLY GIRL, I wanna rockkk!). 
  1. What has influenced you to start playing the instrument you’re playing?
    Suzanne plays the drums from when she was a little girl. Marc started playing the bass a few years ago so he could play in our band, because he first was a guitarist only. Jeroen always tells me he saw Greenday on MTV and he made it look like so easy, so that’s why he started the guitar haha. And I sing since I was a child, and guitar too, but electric guitar was inspired by the American all-girl band The Donnas.
  1. Who are the artists that you admire most and did they have any influence on your choices, in both your personal life and the musicians world?
    I’m very influenced by The Donnas (as mentioned above). And AC/DC (with Bon Scott in particular)! Other influences of me and/or the band are Airbourne, The Living End, KISS, Joan Jett, Juliette Lews and the Licks, Danko Jones and The Hellacopters.
  1. How have you met each other?
    Jeroen and I started the band together, we know each other from the Music Management school. Marc was an intern at his work (musical instruments shop) and Suzanne we met because of our social media post about that we were looking for a drummer, her uncle shared it and that’s why she saw it and did audition.
  1. Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs?
    Our guitarist Jeroen writes the songs. He always says a lot of songs are starting as a ‘mistake’ haha. Then I play something different then what it was meant to be, and then he thinks: hmmmm that sounds good! Let’s make a song of it! Sometimes I’m there when he writes something new and I think that he is really good at it! I wish I could do that, make something out of nothing!
  1. Are you going to festivals or concerts by yourself much?
    When there is no Corona we try to play as many ourselves, and on weekends we don’t have to play ourselves we visit indeed festivals or concerts often!
  1. What if someone invites you to play a gig in another country? Would you play that gig or consider playing it? 
    If it’s Belgium or Germany: yup! If it’s another country: also yup! But maybe we have to have more gigs on the road and make a tour of it to make it affordable, it depends on the situation.
  1. What is your opinion about today’s music?
    There is a lot super great music from super great bands! Too bad it isn’t on the big National radio stations, but hey, that’s why we don’t listen to those! 😉 
  1. What do you think of the older music, bands, musicians, that our parents or even our grandparents grew up with?
    We like those a lot, we are much inspired by previous music, mostly from the 70’s/80’s.
  1. What’s your opinion about other music genres, other then the ones you are playing or listening to?
    We don’t need to listen to music we don’t like, we are happy about it! Unfortunately sometimes we need to hear it because people with bad taste are turning the volume high on the streets or in their cars. Maybe the people with great taste have to do that too, (haha!)
  1. What useful information would you give other starting bands about the life of a musician?
    I’m all for getting yourself some knowledge about online marketing, because it really helps us to find the right people to show us our music. In these days you can’t make only great music and then wait till some label or booking agency will make you famous. Do the work!
  1. To wrap it all up: What are your goals and what would you really wanna achieve as a musician?
    To reach even more hardrock fans around the world with our music. So here we are, working on our goal with this interview. We have a new single – Creatures Of The Night – you can download and hear it here for free: https://li.sten.to/iqHdq4p. Cheers!

The Dirty Denims are:

  • Mirjam Sieben: Vocal/ Guitar/ Organ.
  • Jeroen Teunis: Guitar/ Vocals.
  • Marc Eijkhout: Bass/ Vocals.
  • Suzanne Driessen: Drums/ Vocals.

The dirty denims on social media:

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