Beneath the Massacre – Fearmonger: Album review.

“An album that makes you feel shred to pieces and one part of your body is fighting an epic battle in hell, while the other part remains on earth trying to save what can be saved.”

Do you sometimes feel that there is more than just the places we can see here on earth? The guys from Beneath the Massacre share that feeling with you and they clearly show that in their new album. This band from Canada, with roots in Montreal, Quebec, are having a blast with their new album. It soon becomes clear that this is not about a piece of music made for the merciful at all. The anger and aggression that is incorporated in this album shows that these Canadians will not be pushed around and that anyone who unnecessarily hurts them or others, will be punished without mercy for their actions.

Throughout this album it gives the listener a bit of a sense of being the one being punished right now. It gives you a picture of something that you have done that you know was something that you will certainly not be proud of later, but at the same time you realize it yourself and it also seems like you did not do it on purpose.

When the album starts, you immediately feel it. After a short introduction, you are very forcefully dragged into the depths. But at the same time you also have the feeling that you keep standing your grounds There are so many things included in this album: very fast pieces that you will definitely not dwell on, guitar solos that will leave you dizzy, not to mention the breakdowns that will make you descend on earth to be lifted again right away. In short: Fearmonger contains everything a contemporary metal album should have.

It is only at a three-quarter part album that the first heavy breakdown is coming. The fans will cherish this moment because if you experience this moment as a fan at a festival, there is only one question in your mind: “Where is that moshpit ?!” And there you will dive in with all your body and members and lose your soul in it and when it eventually weakens again then you have the next number on the list. That song is titled: ‘Autonomous mind’  and takes you all the way into deep with its massive, brutal breakdown. The guitar part in this sounds unworldly and you have the feeling that you fall into the pit of Tartarus where you soon should start to fight with the devil himself.

Return to Medusa’ is the song that accompanies you during this fight and ends with a huge cliffhanger that makes you think to yourself, “What’s going to happen?” And totally unexpected you are dragged into the next song again with a quick technical piece to catch your breath a bit later on a simple, but beautiful breakdown, which takes you through the whole song to the end. In the penultimate song you will be able to completely lose your mind again in the end with a great breakdown.

If you have reached the last song in one piece, the last powers you still had will now be sucked out of you. Take a breath again on a very beautiful solo, and then give your last strength in a breathtaking ending where you fall on your knees, exhausted and empty, but with a satisfied feeling and grin from ear to ear on your face.

You will not soon forget this album, it sounds in the back of your mind, while everything still resembles what you have just experienced.


  1. Rise Of The Fearmonger
  2. Hidden In Plain Sight
  3. Of Gods And Machines
  4. Treacherous
  5. Autonomous Mind
  6. Return To Medusa
  7. Bottom Feeders
  8. Absurd Hero
  9. Flickering Light
  10. Tornished Legacy

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