Album review: 8Snake – Eight.

8snake is a progressive Rock band from the UK, formed in 2011. They have already released their first album ‘Blue Omens’ in 2011 and an EP called ‘Arousal Addiction’ in 2013. Eight is their new album, which is released through NMTCG records on June 1st 2018.

The band played at Red Roar Festival in the UK in September 2018 as support act for Esprit D’Air, a sold out event at Boston Music in London. They have also toured Luxembourg and Belgium. Their first show in 2019 was at The Dome in London for Die Kur’s 20th Anniversary and was followed with a show at Renaissance Alternative Music festival at the Electrowerkz  and Reptile club night, both also in London.

They then did their own European tour, called: ‘Desert And The Moon Light’ In 2019. The same year they also did a support act for Diamond Black on their debut single launch, also in London.

Their new album then doesn’t come as a big surprise. This one is called ‘Eight’ and has a mix of everything you need to find on a progressive rock album. Eight starts with a nice upbeat intro and emerges into something very beautiful throughout the entire playlist.

The vocal line is specific to the genre of music they’re playing, but it is also a big plus because it is done professionally and it hits a sensitive note. You can also find a touch of grunge and stoner rock in it that gives you a good vibe. Also the lyrics are a masterpiece. Their has been done a great value of research and thinking to compose and write them and that is something very essential in music. These guys have totally figured that one out.

At some moments, you will start grow your curiosity. That is because of the perfect timing and use of the right notes in those moments and the variety of the setting of the songs doesn’t make you say after a couple of songs like: “Again the same beat, again the same guitar line..” This is totally not the case in ‘Eight’. Some of the songs are a bit faster and upbeat, while other songs on the list are slow and give you time to linger into your mind.

If you come home after a rough day at work and put on this album, you can easily forget everything for a while.

Also the artwork is done great. They found these on ‘the dark side’ exhibition from artist: Torturett photography. If you want find out more from this artist, you find her gallery here.

You can find the full stream of the album on YouTube via this link.

For more information about Eight visit their social media pages:


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  1. Necroplis Eye
  2. Sun
  3. Universe Garden
  4. Bloody Dream
  5. Dancer of Love
  6. Never Ending
  7. Burn
  8. The Dark Heath

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One thought on “Album review: 8Snake – Eight.

  1. Dit is een mooie story ,ik ken de band niet persoonlijk maar het lijkt me de moeite om eens te gaan checken.
    Fijn jou review te lezen.. keep it up!! 👍💪

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