New Single-EP: Hypnotist by North Atlas.

The three-headed Alternative rock band; North Atlas, find their roots in Glasgow, Scotland. Brothers: Leon D Hunter and Cam Hunter, united with their childhood friend: Lian ‘Rusty’ Russel for a jam one day and soon realized that they had to start a band together. With influences from other rock songs, combined with the wild, affecting landscapes, North Atlas was soon born and raised by other influential materials from their neighborhood, and the music they were listening to.

In 2019 they already released their first single and this one was greatly appreciated by the public and media, so the three guys decided to go further onto their journey. Hypnotist is the first of seven EP’s scheduled for 2020, so fans of Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Bring Me The Horizon, Etc.. Should definitely visit their Facebook page to find more information about the band. You can also listen to it on Spotify and watch the video clip on YouTube.

‘Hypnotist’ tells a bit of darker story as it explores how one man wants to explore anxiety’s grip on the mind, and tries to figure out how and why this is happening. In the music video, the horned creature is a god named: Cernunnos, that is associated with growth, hunting and fertility. If you’re a fan of alternative music, you’ll soon find out when listening to the song that you automatically shall start head banging. The mix between heavier, softer and upbeat pieces of music will make you feel like being sucked into the clip’s world, but don’t be afraid of that. You’re definitely are going to liker that.

If You went trough the song, and are siked for the rest of the songs that are coming, follow the bands profiles on social media by clicking following links, You’ll sure not going to regret doing that.

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