EP review Powerstroke.

Powerstroke is a Belgian metalband, started in 2007 and haven’t been quiet ever since. They have a bunch of own songs recorded already. their fist EP is called: ‘Dikke Zeuge’ translated to english it means: Fat Female Pig.

The Ep starts heavy immediately, with fast forward drums and guitars. There’s a great switch between screams and clean vocals and those are all done by the same singer.

The guitars and drums are constantly changing so that there is a good mix throughout the entire album.

The third song on the EP, Called: ‘Until The Fat Lady Sings’ is a whole lot different the first two, however. It is a softer song and tells a lovely tale.

The song is recorded in co-operartion with Stef Bos, well known for his songs: ‘Papa’ and ‘Is dit nu later’. The last song translated in English means: Is this our future.

Another recognizable voice in this song is the voice of Charrissa Parassiadis, better know as Slongs Dievanongs. She is a Belgian female singer/ songrwriter and rapper from Antwerp.

They came in contact with Stef Bos through their guitarist who is Stef’s neighbor and so they also connected to Charrissa.

While being with the bass player of the band, we had a great time and a nice chat about the band and music in particular. He also grabbed his bass-guitar with him and started playing along with the songs disk in the background. This was a very great experience.

Powerstroke has also played a lot of shows and festivals, including: Graspop, Wacken Open Air and Alcatraz. They also have been on tour two times with the band Body Count, the American metal band founded by rapper: Ice-T.

The members of Body Count had thanked Powerstroke personally for this experience, which for them it truly was also a great experience.

When it comes to writing their songs, they are not sticking to one genre in particular and that you can hear in all of their songs. The vocals on this album are all product of the same singer, except for the ones in ‘Until The Fat Lady Sings’.

Powerstroke has also made their own beer with the same name as the title of this EP and the label of the beer has than also became the EP-cover.

If you are a fan of the genre, you can find them on social media by following links:


Official Website



Songlist from the EP:

  1. Shadowland
  2. Babalon
  3. Until The Fat Lady Sings (With Stef Bos and Slongs Dievanongs)
  4. Until The Fat Lady Sings (Original version)

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