Song review: Party Animals by Atlas Star.

Party Animals tells the story of a guy who loves to party and thus also has to deal with the consequences of it. It gives a perfect vision of the fact that people are also just an animal species.

Despite the fact that we have come further and have assembled many things that other animals are not capable of doing, humans must not forget that they are also just simple beings like cats, or dogs and that we don’t ever should think that humans are more than the other beautiful creatures surrounding us everywhere we go.

The song also gives you a picture that there are in fact many animals that are abandoned or violated by their owners and that is something truly heartbreaking.

Party animals is then also a great reminder that your pets also have the need of love and every pet owner owes his dog or cat or even his bird or his fish to treat it as a loved one.

Cause if you give your pet even a bit of love, then that love is given back to you in multiplied version.

Enjoy the song!

Atlas star can also be found on Spotify and iTunes.

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