New single: ‘Dull my brain’ by The Jailbirds. Out Now.

During the past four years the power trio- consisting of the intricate guitar work and vocals from Myke Penney, the sludgy bass lines of Liam Hills and the pounding drums of Eric Parent- have performed extensively across Ontario demonstrating, both in studio as on stage, that they are a band you simply must hear.

In 2018, they then also achieved the award for Best Rock Band at the Mississauga awards in Canada and they have been on a roll ever since.

Dull my Brain is the first song and story of a 5 track concept EP. It has classic rock inspired guitar riffs and 80’s hard rock style vocals. The song also has a fresh, yet nostalgic feeling as it bring you back to the 70’s rock scene, while still being new and exciting.

The song starts off the storyline following the main character struggling with his addiction. He is battling wether or not he should quit smoking and doing drugs. On one hand he loves it, while on the other hand he feels that it may bring longterm consequences for what he is about to do and he is afraid that he might end up hurting himself.

Dull my Brain is therefor a great song that has multiple feelings involved. Musically it is a perfect mix of great singing, cool guitar riffs and it instantly brings up the story, so that you can play it as a movie in your head.

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