Album review: Green Light Fever by Ø M S. Out on the 1st of October.

Friends helping friends is one beautiful thing and a reminder that you cannot live without them.

When I was younger we used to go to the local youth center where, in our town, we all knew each other very good. It then also came as no surprise that we’ve seen many of our friends on the stage, doing their thing and giving us and themselves a great time.

One of these guys, is the up and coming musical genius: Nand Ooms. He recently started his own project, called Ø M S and that has resulted in the album: Green light fever, that will be available at the 1st of October.

Green Light Fever starts off with breathtaking sounds, typical to its maker and also tells a truly great story covered in a beautiful coat of music. The use of instrumental tones combined with a powerful voice brings hope and joy to all of its listeners.

When the music starts, it is not hard to wander away in your thoughts. After a heavy day at work and you need to set your thoughts on something else for a time, then this album comes as a perfect fit.

Losing track of time, you will soon find out that you are thinking of all the good things that happened to you, or are about to happen. Green Light Fever just brings this feeling up in an instance.

Throughout the entire setlist you shall also notice that there is no use of constantly the same notes and that is truly what a great album needs.

The singer himself: Nand, then also is not a fresh artist who started out yesterday. He has also played in other bands before and did many things, besides playing songs and singing. He plays many instruments himself, that you will also notice in this album and an artist who is capable of playing many instruments while keep learning and make good use of his learned skills in his own work, that is a true artist.

He then also does again best, what he can do best at the end of the album: ending in style.


  1. War Paint And Battle Cries
  2. Keeping Busy
  3. Mirror
  4. Plead Sanity
  5. Let The Sun Come Up
  6. Time
  7. Reason
  8. Kids
  9. Iterating Seasons
  10. Acquired Tastes
  11. Someday Soon

Wanna find out more about Ø M S, see following links:



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