Album review: Sanctorium – Ornaments.

Ornaments by Sanctorium

Sanctorium is a Russian symphonic metal band from saint- Petersburg, originated in 2005. They are on the road for more than a decade and have done many concerts during their fifteen years of making music and bringing it to the people.

The band has also released three albums during their existence and the last one is a double-disc album called: Ornaments.

Disc one artwork.

Ornaments counts sixteen songs in total, seven songs on disc one and nine on disc two.

The entire album opens up with a nice surprising tune that, after a couple of seconds, transforms into a compelling heavier beat. It instantly brings up questions in your head, cause the music you hear shall not be the music you were expecting to hear, which makes it unique.

After the intro however, you shall hear more familiar music, combined with a superb female voice that makes the album a total pearl.

The music itself is then also done professionally, so you shall definitely feel like wanting to see this band one day at the main stage of one of the great festivals. The use of instruments is also done great. By using many different styles of music, the album is all but boring.

Going through the album you shall also notice that there will be moments that you are head-banging, may it be softly but still, without even knowing yourself when you started doing it. That is again a sign that this a very unique album.

The use of clean vocals, done by a brilliant female signer, combined with amazing screams and grunts by a male voice, keeps the album flourishing and alive. This combination shall keep you as listener attached to it.

Disc one ends with a great guitar solo followed by a stunning, straight forward piece of music combine with this fantastic voices. It’s the perfect combination for this cliffhanger, so that you certainly go over to the next disc as soon as possible.

Disc two

The second disc again starts surprising. The opening track may give you the feeling of getting dropped in a fairytale world, where you need to fulfill a quest in order to get back into the real world.

Throughout this disc you will probably hear lots of things you thought never to be hearing in this genre of music, but this band has done it and in a quite impressive way too.

A great last song, straight forward drums, perfectly matched male and female voice, combined with beautiful tunes make this album complete at the end. Add another bonus track or two to it and this album is as it is: A masterpiece.


Disc 1:

  1. Protoxidation (Ouverture)
  2. The Space Between Us
  3. No More Pain
  4. The Arcane Way
  5. Autumn Elegy
  6. Libria
  7. As The Snowflakes We Melt

Disc 2:

  1. The Knight And Lady’s Honor
  2. Mokosh
  3. Night Of Ivan Kupala
  4. Tonn Chliodhna
  5. Siberia’s Calling
  6. Shadow Of Blades
  7. The Song Of Bograd
  8. Hey, Uchnem
  9. Asagao (Japanese bonustrack)

Find out more about the band:

Official website



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