The rich history of a dutch band called: Martyr.

Martyr is a Dutch band from Utrecht. They are alive and kicking since 1982 and so the years of their activity is a vast amount. Because of the fact that they have been busy for so many years, they then also shared the stage with many other bands. Some of these gigs they played as headliner, but they also did support acts for bands like: Trivium, Iced Earth, Saxon and for Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley, the ex singers from Iron Maiden.

Martyr is currently working on songs for their new album. For this one they have already two singles released, called: No Time for Goodbyes and Fire of Rebellions.

In 2014 the band was also honored by the Dutch Steel (80’s metal from the Netherlands) collector for their contribution to the dutch heavy metal history. Also in 2018 they gained a personal letter from the mayor of Utrecht as a thank you for their ambassadorship for the city.

Live in Japan

One of their biggest achievements is without a doubt the live album that they have recorded during their set in Japan.

The album starts off with a great intro. There is a bit of darkness worked into it, that immediately says that it’s going to be a heavy album. Use of guitars, bells and a perfect voice are the ingredients for this one.

When the full band falls in it is whit warp speed forward. It then also gives the crowd a boost and that you can certainly experience yourself too.

Crowd participation is also a very common thing at every show in the genre and when bands are working with it, it gives both them as also the crowd a great feeling. There will be in no way a time to stand still during the set.

The complete setup is also a solid mashup with practically every usable metal technique used throughout the entire setlist.

Halfway through the set there is a moment to take a breath, when you hear the sound of a traditional music-box. However, it is the intro of the second part of the set that opens up again with a huge song.

During the times in between the songs the singer also uses amazing binding texts, keeping the audience into the game.

As the set continues, it keeps getting better and better. As a finisher for their concert, they then also use one of their greatest hits and as a band you certainly need to do that in order to give the crowd what they have come for. Every concert should then also end with an amazing climax and that, Martyr has understood perfectly.

No Time For Goodbyes

during the last couple the band has been busy writing new material for their upcoming album. In June of this year, Martyr has released their first single from this album.

The single is called No time for goodbyes. It starts off smoothly leaving it’s listener thinking of being on a quest, like those in medieval times.

It again gives away a great message. A reminder that you cannot do everything on your own and cannot leave everyone behind to go on that quest, cause saying goodbye is one the most hurtful things to do.

Fire of rebellions

The second single for the upcoming album is called: Fire of rebellions. It’s an iconic metal song, with which the band says that they are still alive and kicking. The music is mixed perfectly and the singer again shows the band at it’s best, also thanks to great lyrics combined with awesome music.

Martyr is an iconic band that has been touring and making music for a very long time by now. They have a lot of achievements on their behalf and therefor they are one of Netherlands biggest stars and for old times sake, let us hope they can gives us lots more in the future too.

Martyr is:

Rop Van Haren: Lead vocals

Rick Bouwman: Guitars

Geoffrey Maas: Guitars

Vinnie Wassink: Bass/ Backing Vocals

Rick Valcon: Drums

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