Album review: Hell Will Come For Us All by Aversions Crown.

“The band does everything in their power to overcome evil!”

“Hell will come for us all”, especially if you like to listen to metal and don’t care about what is happening here on earth.

The band: Aversions Crown, clearly shares this opinion with you and you can hear that in their eponymous album.

Hell comes for all of us starts right away with a deep intro in which a nice use is made of the muffled guitar and drum sounds, which makes you immediately feel that something big is about to happen.

Wait a few seconds and then the muted sound will disappear, so that you will immediately be carried away in the music.

At the end of the first song there is a silence, which can have a serious impact on you. During this silence you will gently hear the music build up leading to the very first breakdown and you will immediately think: I want to hear more of this!

When the second song starts, it is immediately with a fast and technical piece that ensures that you will certainly not sit still. Throughout the album, great use is made of a great switch between different forms of screams and that, combined with highly technical and fascinating pieces of music, makes this album certainly unique and every time a breakdown arrives it is certainly well received by the listeners who will certainly not be able to sit still on this.

Throughout the album you often notice these same techniques, but that is more than made up for by a great vocal line, a legendary piece of guitar playing or revolting drum pieces and that makes this album definitely a pearl.

The combination of these techniques ensures that you will be carried away in this album. Kind of when you sink into your seat, close your eyes and fall down straight into an epic quest.

On this quest you take on demons and the strength of the numbers tells you this gives you a boost and it also tells you that as long as you have family and friends around you and don’t forget them, you will be strong enough to complete this quest and survive.

As a climax, this will undoubtedly be the toughest battle in human history and while you have been able to strengthen your troops during this epic battle, the demonic side has of course been able to do the same.

There will of course be losses on both sides, that is inevitable and shall be made clear in the last issue. But with courage and commitment and the fact that you keep drawing energy from the smallest things, good will overcome evil. As long as you continue to believe in yourself, anything is possible.


  1. The Soil
  2. Born In The Gutter
  3. Paradigm
  4. Caught In The System
  5. Hell Will Come For Us All
  6. Scourge Of Violence
  7. Hymne Of Annihilation
  8. Sorrow Never Sleeps
  9. The Final Judgement.

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