Album review: Giotopia – A Fantasy Tale On Music

Giotopia, created by Belgian musician: Gio Smet, is an epic fantasy tale that has heavy rock and metal music included. Every musician playing in the songs are also playing a character each and every song stands for a chapter.

The debut album: ‘A fantasy Tale part 1’ was released in may 5th, 2018 and featured international musicians, including: Fabio Lione (Lione Rhapsody), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua) and many more.

The story continued on may 20th, 2019 when the second chapter: A fantasy Tale part 2 was released. Again the album featured an international cast of musicians and became a huge succes.

A fantasy tale part 2 starts off, giving you the feeling of being thrown into a fantasy world where you need to go on a quest.

During this quest you shall most likely getting involved into many battles and the music playing, will be your guide through these battles.

A great mix of songs, with a huge variety of different styles, helps you keeping the focus during these battles. At the same time it will also give you the feeling of facing big threats and perhaps bigger ones still coming.

Good fighting against evil, something we see on everyday bases but when a magical kingdom is involved it suddenly becomes more interesting. The warriors that fight along the sides of mythical creatures is something that lots of people love to see and that is what this album surely has included greatly.

During the battle both sides will have their losses and some of the songs are there for you to deal with these losses.

As the battle continues, it then also keeps getting stronger and stronger. But as all huge wars, eventually there will be an end to it. That is the moment you shall need for a bit of victory, but also have the time to give the ones you lost a proper goodbye.


  1. The Story Goes On
  2. Elven Warlord
  3. Kingdom Rise
  4. Vaïriga’s Escape
  5. Forest Of The Prayers
  6. Capture
  7. Magus
  8. March Of Lusar
  9. Choice Of Heart
  10. Aurora’s Race
  11. Through The Siberian Land
  12. Resolution Of Humanity
  13. The End?

Giotopia is:

Gio Smet: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and E-drums on all tracks.

Guest appearances:

Apollo Papathanasio.

Herbie Langhans.

Sara Vanderheyden.

Kelly Thans.

Jennifer Thomé.

Carmen Grandi.

Ellen Peeters.


Franck “Wolfey” Moondog.

Ginny Claes.

Srdjan Brankovic.

To find out more about Giotopia, visit following links:

Official Website





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