Album review: Continuum by Cathubodua

Cathubodua was born in 2013, with the hope of bringing epic stories and bombastic symphonies to the world.

Their first EP was released in 2016 and since then they have been constantly improving. Those improvements are clearly recognizable in their new album: Continuum.

Cathubodua brings you a unique sound with splendid metal-influenced basis. That unique soundboard got reinforced by a folky touch of the violin and a wide range of vocals.

During the years the band has built a rock-solid live reputation by playing at metal shows and festivals, but also on folklore and fantasy fairs, like for example: Haarzuilens and Elftopia. They have also shared stages with many bands already. A couple of those bands are: Saille, Grave Digger and Battle Beast.

The album immediately gives you a magical feeling.

Continuum starts off with enchanted tones, giving its listeners the feeling of going on a magical trip. On this trip you’ll practically gonna see all possible magical creatures like unicorns, leprechauns, etc..

It also sounds like you’re going on a magical quest with these creatures. Some of them joining you, while others shall be fighting you.

The use of great guitar solo’s, combined with a beautiful female voice are also a big plus for this album. Add some great drums, that cover the heavier parts greatly, along with the magnificent tunes of other instruments and you have the perfect recipe for this album.

Continuum tells the story of this beautiful tale in four main chapters so that you feel like you’re really a part of the story. This is something that is truly unique and is certainly a big bonus for the album.

Every chapter then also has a great influence into the story. It’s as if you’re reading a fictional tale and you certainly get stuck in it from the first moment until the very end.

Chapters through the tale:

  1. Dawn (Intro)

Hero’s Cycle

2. Abyss

3. Hero of Ages

4. Hydra

5. The Tempest (Interlude)

Forest Cycle

6. The Fire

7. My Way To Glory

8. The Chasing Horde (Interlude)

City Cycle

9. A Treacherous Maze

10. Legends

11. Nightfall

Snow Cycle

12. A Tale Of Redemption

13. Deified

14. Apotheosis

15. Dusk (Outro)

Cathubodua is:

Kenny Callebaut: Rythm Guitar

Ricardo Lievano Flores: Drums

Peter Thielemans: Bass

Katrien Van den Hurk: Violin and Symphonies

Sara Vanderheyden: Vocals

Kyron Vannuffelen: Lead Guitar

To find out more about Cathubodua, see following links:

Official Website






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