Album review: Second life by Chaoseum out on September, 25th!

Forming in 2018, Chaoseum emerged from the musical minds of four Swiss mates, hailing from different corners of Switzerland. They got together by passion and their huge influence of metal music, having performed together in symphonic/power-metal act Elferya.

With Chaoseum, they develop their personal horizon in a different type of music and style, and the first album arose quickly from within. Their debut album ‘First Step to Hell’ was produced by the talented guitarist and producer Izakar (Blazing War Machine) while the artwork was created by the creative head Gustavo Sazes, who also worked with the likes of Machine Head, Arch Enemy, James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and many more…

Chaoseum delivers an electric and energetic punch of metalcore, with powerful vocals, strong characterisation through theatrical performance, and an eye-catching band image.

The album starts off with a dark intro in which the sounds of a music-box are combined with creepy laughters of a clown.

After the intro, when the music falls in, it is an upbeat and straight-forward song with a great switch between screams and cleaner vocals. Use of tight drumbeats and awesome guitar play will most definitely let you bang your head.

This scenario continues throughout the entire album, making sure that you shall keep being focussed on the music.

Every now and then, the pace of the music goes a bit slower. That gives its listeners a moment to take a breath. It will also give you the opportunity to focus on the lyrics a bit more; You shall notice then that the messages behind those are both dark, as also truthful.

There has been a lot of instruments used to make this album the pearl as it has become. All those instruments are introduced throughout the entire album and that is done very smoothly in order to create the perfect atmosphere for that moment in the song.

During the ending of the album; there are moments that you shall notice that the end is getting closer. That is also done very good. It makes the album vulnerable in a special way, so that it shall play at the emotions of the listener.

The last song then also comes a bit as a surprise. However, the song shall truly get you stuck in your imagination for a moment, that at the beginning of the song. When you get out of that imagination, you’ll start head-banging for a moment until again, there has been a use of instruments you’d thought never to be hearing in this genre of music and the en end starts there. This moment is one that in my opinion, every album should have: an epic ending.


  2. Hell has no way out
  3. Second life
  4. Into my split
  5. Smile again
  6. Scream
  7. Stick under my skin
  8. Burn my eyes
  9. Feel
  10. Sex in HELL
  11. Frozen

To find out more about Chaoseum, check following links:

Official website





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