New album: Lies… and all that jazz by Dead Fish Handshake. Out Now!

In 2011, two New Yorkers burst onto the scene with the debut album of their band: Dead Fish Handshake.

Originally started as an acoustic project, Mathew Paul and Rob Ferreira quickly found out that their music and both guys’s talents were a match made in heaven.

It then also came as no surprise for anyone that they emerged quickly and expanded their horizons by getting two new fella’s, completing the group. Those two musical talents are: Darren Furman and Mark Birkelbach.

From there on out, the rest followed fluently.

Next year, in 2021, the band exists ten years. In those ten years they have accomplished many things already. Lots of singles and songs and beyond that, the band also has shared stages with major bands like: Stone Temple Pilots, Three Doors Down, Plain White T’s and many more.

Lies… and all that Jazz is a bit of a heavier album yet it is not too heavy, giving the band the ability to speak out to a bigger crowd.

The combination of both heavy and softer rock influences gives the album the opportunity to grow out and eventually become a stadium anthem album.

The band’s singer has a great and powerful voice. That is a big plus for the band who on it’s own is a band that also can grow out to become one of the headliners for the bigger festivals.

Also the lyrics are written carefully, with the choice of the right words at the right time.

Throughout the album you shall notice that there is a huge variation of mood-swings and emotions used during the writing process. All these are used properly within the songs.

The last two songs, you can tell that they are written during an emotional moment. This they then also reflect perfectly in the songs. It gives the listener the time too, to reflect on things that happened in their lives.

Dead Fish Handshake

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