New Album: Flags Will Fly Forever by Horror Dance Squad. Out Now!

Horror Dance Squad is a six-headed, modern metal formation from Estonia. They have been alive and kicking since 2014 and haven’t been quiet ever since.

They have shared stages with many other bands before, including big names in the genre like: August Burns Red, Comeback Kid, Adept, Deez Nuts and many more.

During the last couple months they then also haven’t been sitting still and have been working on a new album, called: ‘Flags Will Fly Forever’. Releasing today, on September 25th. The album turned out to be a true pearl in the genre and will sure become many people’s favorite of the moment.

The album is a great mix of dance tunes combined with heavier influences. That can be heard right at the start of the album. After a short and mysterious intro, the beat falls in. Straight forward and tight, so the listener immediately knows what to expect.

Great mix of vocal lines also are a main ingredient and are the reason that fans of heavier music sure be loving what they hear.

All songs also carry a great message with them. That message is brought to the listener with passion, so that they certainly will not ignore it.

The songs on the album are also perfectly mixed so that the following songs never look like a copy of the previous one and that is also a big plus, cause it holds it’s listener’s attention.

There is definitely experimented with other instruments. The ones that are not much heard in the genre. That is certainly a good thing, meaning the band will go very far in order to keep their music interesting and not become boring.

Some of the songs start slower , while others are starting immediately on a faster pace. That’s another thing that gives this album a plus behind it’s name.

The end of the album is again a pearl. It carries a very intensive message, one many people can relate to. The last notes then also bring alive the feeling that everyone has when you feel like healing from a heavy burden.


  1. Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home
  2. Burn This Place Down
  3. Callous Cage
  4. Cancer
  5. No Flag Will Fly Forever
  6. Into The Wild
  7. Wild
  8. Dinosaur Tongue
  9. Happy Face
  10. Out Of Breath
  11. Something Went Wrong
  12. Therapy
  13. Better

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