Album review: Identity by Fight Like Sin.

Fight Like Sin is an aggressive hard rock band from Lafayette, Indiana. The group was formed in early 2012 by lead vocalist and guitarist Cody Hughes and drummer Tim Stepp. Drew Luigs would join the band as Bassist/backing vocals in 2015, and guitarist Kale Strange joined the group in 2019. Fight Like Sin brings you a new, crisp, heavy rock sound that blends an unconventional lower tuning with an occasional harmonized melody.

Similar sounding artist would include: Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Skillet.

The band’s most recent release called “Identity” has seen a handful of singles getting national attention across the world and has been played more than 1 million times on streaming platforms. Prior to the first full length album, the band released a pair of EP’s titled Surrender Nothing (2013) and Singularity (2016).

Since their inception, Fight Like Sin has shared the stage with talented artists such as I-Prevail, Skyharbor, Eye Empire, Taproot, Dive, Like A Storm, HED (PE), and more.

The album starts off with a song, that has the same name as the album. It’s a mysterious sounding intro that bursts open in the end and flows smoothly into the next song.

Here, all the other instruments join in and are doing that on a faster pace, along with the singing voice.

Somewhere in the middle of this song also the first guitar-solo happens to come alive. It immediately gives a great vibe, listening to it.

The album sounds mainstream, but the band has given it a powerful touch, so that it at no point at all will be boring listening to it.

All songs tell a tale on their own, giving the listener the feeling of being dragged into the music too. It can relate to so many feelings some can feel, to make sure that everyone has a moment in the that that specific tune is the perfect ingredient for them to fall in love with the album.

At the same time, all the tales are flowing into each other so that it gives everyone an opportunity to unite and help each other out in all forms possible.

Some of the songs have a darker touch, while others are more about showing you the light. It makes sure to keep it’s listener’s attention awake so they won’t wander off. Although, wandering off in your thoughts by listening to the album sure is something that can be happening, if you’re not careful.


  1. Identity
  2. Chasing A Lie
  3. Caught In The Fall
  4. Demons
  5. Wasteland
  6. Save You
  7. Far From Never
  8. Never Surrender
  9. See Yourself
  10. Haunted

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