Album review: breathe by Liquid Therapy.

Liquid Therapy stands for pure rock and going full speed ahead. Their tight riffs and clean vocals are the band’s characteristics, together with the lyrics.

When it comes to genre, Liquid Therapy can certainly not be put in a box. Various totally strange influences ensure that the repertoire can appeal to many people.

The album starts off smoothly, but within seconds it bursts open in a faster pace. It does that with great drums and brilliant guitar-play.

After another couple seconds also the voice falls in. It’s a clean vocal line that can speak to the fans of many rock and heavier genres.

The album is full of surprises cause when the second song starts, it does that in a many slower pace. Yet it’s not becoming boring here. That, because of the beautiful guitar play combined with lyrics that keeps the listener interested.

Those lyrics are also contributing with the feelings that many people have. Feelings of an everyday life. That also gives the album a big boost. The lyrics are also always written in a constructive way, designed to give the listener a boost instead of breaking them down.

Some of the songs are having other influences than others. There are softer ones that focusses more on the lyrics, while other songs are faster and heavier so that the listener spontaneously will start head-banging.

The album ends with the title song of it. This one really plays with your emotions as it starts of dreamy. This does keeps being influential throughout the entire song. Again, the lyrics are here to give the listener a moment to reflect on memories and moments in their lives.

The song however, does have heavier parts in it too but they’re still on the same pace to keep its listener in its trance he probably could be in right now.

When the guitar-solo comes to the front it is also clear that the band has given everything in creating this album and this is their moment to go completely lost in their thoughts for a couple of minutes. The end of the album then also is a perfect one, cause I guarantee you that hearing this perfectly written piece of music will definitely can’t keep you sitting still.


  1. When Love Fools You
  2. Keep On Going
  3. Payback
  4. Scars
  5. Fly Away
  6. Sober
  7. Control
  8. I Don’t Care
  9. Rat Race
  10. Breathe

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