New EP: No Dinner No Wine by The Rabids. Out Now!!

The Rabids are in town and have something important to say: No Dinner, No Wine! Well, that is of course because it’s the title of their new EP.

The Rabids are a rock and punk-rock band from Wiekevorst, Antwerp. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do an interview with them and now they have returned with something new.

During the last couple months, in which shows were not possible, bands mostly have been working on new material. The Rabids are one of those bands. They have been working hard during the last couple months and now they are proud to present to you their new EP called: No Dinner No WIne.

No Dinner No Wine starts off with a very nice guitar riff and only a couple seconds later, the drums fall in, going full speed ahead.

It’s a traditional punk-rock song that covers all the aspects of an original punk-rock song.

When the second song takes over, it’s in the exact same pace as the previous one, which gives the album a great flow. There are also a couple of moments where the beat slows down, but they did it greatly so that the album also has a great mix of influences in it.

The voice however, is classical punk-rock. It’s something that personally brought me, myself right back to where it all started out for me. Punk-rock was my first love and it brought me to what I have become today. Therefor, many thanks to the Rabids, to bring back my childhood memories with their music.

The lyrics of the songs are all written with a personal vision. That is something truly great, cause it gives the band the chance to express their feelings while being on stage and speak directly to its fans, who then also feel closer to the band and more connected.

Overall, the album is one where you definitely will not be sitting still. It has everything a punk-rock album should have. From amazing vocal lines, all the way to the fast forward pace, brought by great guitar work and excellent drum-lines.


  1. The Rabids Are In Town
  2. Big Mistake
  3. Silence In Between
  4. Our Time Our Place

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