Fabulae Dramatis comes with new single and video!

Fabulae Dramatis

Fabulae Dramatis is an eclectic, diverse and open minded band that blends avant-garde and progressive metal genres.

Music beyond borders, genres and cultures; heavy guitar riffs; harmonious jazz saxophone melodies; a mix of tango and metal; ethnic beats and percussion; different styles of voices such as opera, hard rock and grunts – that’s what you can expect from this band.

Their music has been described by Classic Rock Society magazine as “profoundly and meticulously accomplished with the spirits of Zappa and Beefheart”

Their new single is called: The city – (Translucent). From the band’s point of view the song is described as following:

Welcome to The City – (Translucent). Come on in! No one will see you. Nobody cares.

All residents ignore each other despite living close to each other. Therefore, they exist as if they were invisible. Just like the see-through buildings around it.

In this society YOU, the individual, are no longer part of society. You are property, a commodity.

The residents of the see-through city are manipulated by powerful claws that pull the strings from above. They are puppets who have given up their autonomy. Not conscious and therefore not free. Pedestrians pass without paying attention to each other. Musicians cannot play freely. Their movements and the way they perceive the world are controlled by the powers that dominate the world in which they live. No one listens to them, no one sees them … until they decide to become autonomous and free themselves from this slavery.

The rulers are symbolized by a female animal figure. An evil character who controls the puppet game above the transparent city. Her fierce gaze engulfs urban society with poison. A special feature of this glass world.

The trapped woman in the glass cube regrets giving up her freedom. Abandoned and alone, she undergoes a metamorphosis. She strips her skin and turns into a cyclops-like monster that sees everything but remains unseen. She elevates the art of camouflage as a means of survival and accepts the glass cage as a way of attaining a higher spiritual purity through her destiny.

The City – (Translucent) refers to modern society, in which conditioned puppets play the leading role. Some adapt to the toxic environment, others break loose and others even dare to look beyond the invisible walls. This number leaves you with the question: How much freedom must we be deprived of before we wake up?

The songs starts off heavy, but after a couple of seconds it calms down a bit. This is continuing throughout the entire song.

The setting of the videoclip is dark, which reflects the song perfectly. The band members are displayed as puppets on strings, who are stuck in the dark happenings surrounding them. That gives both the song, as the videoclip an even darker setting, perfectly matching the music.

Check out the videoclip here.

If you want to know more about the band, check following links:

Official Website






Fabulae Dramatis at Helltopia 2019

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