New EP: Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is By German band: Heavy Heavy, Out Now!

Berlin’s HEAVY HEAVY formed in early 2019 by members from the Ukraine, Finland and the US. Inspired by bands like Royal Blood, All Them Witches, Highly Suspect and Death From Above they set out to rediscover rock music, armed with gritty riffs and thunderous rhythms.

With years of individual experience from writing, recording and performing, Chance, Val and Linus immediately set to writing songs – fuel for the machine that they had decided to call Heavy Heavy. A dumb, but effective name for an equally dumb but effective band.Since 2019, the trio has performed around Berlin, finding their spot in the community as well as opened for international acts. Their debut single “Dead Weight and Broken Dreams” was released in March 2020, followed up by “Born of No Wild” in April and “A Deadly Bite” in June. HEAVY HEAVY’s debut EP was released in October 2020.

Isn’t the world dark enough already? “Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is” is a cheeky name for an EP that covers topics ranging from tyrannical authorities to social apathy. Although lyrics can be discussed and explored, sonically the record aims to blend together fat helpings of crunch and melody. Drawing on influences such as Royal Blood, All Them Witches and Highly Suspect Berlin’s HEAVY HEAVY have taken the juiciest parts they could find in modern rock music, chucked them into the meat grinder and churned out four tracks, oozing with a mix of hooks, riffs and grit.

The Ep starts with a build-up intro, using a great guitar-riff combined with a straight forward drum-line. The voice sounds a bit edgy, which gives the album an extra great touch according to the genre, specifically played on the album.

At the end of the first song there is a dark and mysterious breakdown used, to make sure that the listeners keep focussed and it stays in this mysterious setting at the beginning of the next song. This way the band keeps a great vibe alive during the set.

If you were not already a fan, you’ll certainly become one when you are listening to this EP. Overall it is a great album with lots of different influences involved throughout the songs. That gives the album a great touch and makes sure that it doesn’t get stuck in a boring routine.

At the end of the album there has been used a great mix of instrumental influences to make it sound like a perfect ending and to give it the touch all great ending should have: A touch of creative masterminds!

to listen to this awesome band on youtube, check following links:

Link to the album: Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is

Watch them play live

To find more about Heavy Heavy, check following links:

Official Website





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