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devil's desire

Thanks to Mike De Coene and Hardlife Promotions, I had the chance to do an interview with the friendly fellows of Devil’s Desire. We talked about many things and the Q&A that happened back then can be found back here. Enjoy!

1) Introduce yourself shortly:

I am Gio Smet, guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer. Known from other projects such as Giotopia and Horrorwish. Together with Jefferson Moura Melo, aka Jeff Metal, we formed Devil’s Desire in the autumn of 2019.

2) Which genre do you play?

Epic power metal.

3) Have you done many gigs already?

In the past, I played many gigs with former bands. As for Devil’s Desire, we just released our debut album ‘The Soul Remains Alive’. And since Jeff lives in Brazil, it is hard to make this studio project into a live band.

4) Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?

We don’t play covers, only composing our own songs.

5) When playing covers, do you give them a little twist of your own and how do you do that part of the job?

In the past, I’ve played some covers live. Always interesting to make them a little different instead of just copying the song.

6) What has influenced you to start playing the instrument your playing? (Each person can answer this question personally.)

I got into hard rock/metal music by listening records from my father. He introduced me to bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Queen, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow, Uriah Heep,… Later on, I discovered other bands such as Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Stratovarius, Ayreon, Iced Earth,… The incredible vibe and power of the genre, made me feel in love with it. I can lose myself in it.

7) Who are the artists that you admire most and did they have any influence on your choices, in both your personal life and the musicians world?

I think there are some artists that made an impact on my musical choices. Arjen Anthony Lucassen for example. I really like the way he works. And the sound on his records is amazing. In addition, to name just one band, it would be Iron Maiden. That band is always consistent in my opinion. They are my all-time favorite band.

8) How have you met each other? (Band question)

I discovered the talents of Jeff by watching a video of him on his Youtube channel. I immediately noticed his pure talents. I sent him a message and we started talking and sharing our passion for music. We have a lot in common and now we share that same musical passion.

9) Where do you get the inspiration for writing your songs?

I get inspiration in everything, really. However, I don’t like to add politics in my writing. I don’t think politics has a place in music. Therefore, I get my inspiration from just living, you know. Every day is unique. Life can give you unexpected twists now and then. I use that when I compose music.

10) Are you going to festivals or concerts by yourself much?

I hope to go again very soon, when this entire pandemic crisis is behind us. When I was younger, I went to see both bands in big venues and small local bands. Now, I try to go

and see the local bands more. Nothing to do with the pandemic, I just focus my interest more on the local “unknown” bands.

11) What if someone invites you to play a gig in another country? Would you play that gig or consider playing it?

Sure! Always great to play abroad and when the gig is interesting, why not.

12) What is your opinion about today’s music?

There are some songs on the radio these days that can wake my interest. But not that many, to be honest. There are some great upcoming rock/metal bands as well. However, for me, it’s the veteran bands that always deliver. The good thing about today’s music, however, is the fact that there is something good for everyone’s taste.

13) What do you think of the older music, bands, musicians, that our parents or even our grandparents grew up with?

Those were the days! I love the older hard rock and heavy metal bands. Even oldies like CCR, Roy Orbison,… I like.

14) What’s your opinion about other music genres, other then the ones you are playing or listening to?

As I said, there is something for everyone’s musical taste. As for me, besides hard rock and heavy metal, I can appreciate lots of music, as long as it can interest me. There are genres that cannot interest me at all, for example modern R&B or Hip Hop. I just do not get special vibes from songs like that.

15) What useful information would you give other starting bands about the life of a musician?

Follow your heart. It sounds very cliché, but it will give you the most satisfaction both in musical and personal life.

16) To wrap it all up: What are your goals and what would you really wanna achieve as a musician?

To keep creating music that is interesting for the ones that want to listen to it and make great albums I can be proud of.

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