New Album: The Soul Remains Alive, by Devil’s Desire! Out now!

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Talks about a new project began when Belgian guitarist/vocalist/producer Gio Smet contacted Jefferson Moura Melo, also known as Jeff Metal.

Gio noticed the incredible talent the Brazilian vocalist/guitarist has to offer. Jeff’s versatile voice fits the epic music, composed by the duo, perfectly.

Thus, in the autumn of 2019, DEVIL’S DESIRE was born!

DEVIL’S DESIRE’s music can be described as melodic yet heavy and powerful, with shredding guitarsolo’s, pounding drums and memorable choruses.

The lyrics are about the eternal struggle between good and evil and the choice between heaven or hell.

Can you fight the devil’s desire…?

Well, then let’s get going on this amazing adventure that Devil’s desire has planned for you all. As the album starts off with a mysterious sounding intro, it has immediately all the right ingredients for a new epic saga on which you are about to take part in.

This journey busts open as the second song starts, on a fast forward pace so that you immediately know that it’s not going to be something for the faint of heart. Many influential, straight forward music is introduced to it’s listener, that will take you with them on this epic journey.

The line up of the songs also has a meaning. It systematically tells again a great story which will certainly keep the listener’s attention on maximized focus. Also the lyrics tell a great story, which is able to accompany you on this saga.

During listening to the album you’ll certainly shall not be able to sit still as the powerful music blasts through your speakers. There is a great mix of musical influences used when creating the album. Everything from fast forward paces combined with epic guitar pieces, all the way to breathtaking, silencing pieces to provide you a moment to take fresh air.

There are parts of music which does not sound like the typical music heard in this genre, but it does give the album a daring and definitely also a successful touch.

Throughout the entire album you’ll certainly become a fan of the music that the band brings. That is thanks to the professional way of making an album like it is done here brilliantly. It can also be found back inside all of the songs. The great mixings, the perfect sounding instruments and off course the great music are the main ingredients that made all this happen.


  1. Enter The Devil’s Ground
  2. Devil’s Desire
  3. Midnight Salvation
  4. Never Surrender
  5. At Nightfall
  6. The Gate Is Here
  7. World In Chaos
  8. Invisible Evil
  9. One War, Two Paths

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