Album review: Rare by CatEaters.

CatEaters - Rare

CatEaters are a german glam-punk band and that is truly the correct pronunciation when listening to their music. As their Bio describes: “If you want to arouse interest, you have to attract attention.” Well, that sentence became some sort of mission in which the foursome succeeded gloriously.

Also the bands purpose is sentenced correctly, namely: “Give me your heart, Give me your soul, Give me some rock, Give me some roll.” Again a sentence that completely matches the band.

They are a four-piece package deal, from which I’m sure you cannot resist them to play their powerful music for you.

‘Rare’ is their second full length album and it starts off in a fast-forward pace and with some great punkrock influences, so that you shall start head-banging from the very first second. It also starts with a very great song about the weekend, so it will certainly give you a great feeling.

Great guitarplay and use of solo’s, combined with straight forward drums and awesome vocal lines are also parts of the solution to a great intro.

The lyrics written for this album are very honest, yet they are done in a perfect way and that adds great value to the music they bring. The band also varies a lot in paces and beats throughout the entire set so that the album is a perfect mix.

The German daredevils also took the opportunity to introduce a song that perfectly describes a small country, called Belgium and which is my own home country. The song might in fact be something that can be used as our second national anthem.

Overall, the album has everything that an album should have in it’s genre and that makes it a record worth listening to, even if you’re not a fan of the Genre itself. It will definitely give you great time.

The ending is then also a pearl, as it uses the perfect timing to give all the used instruments a last chance to go for it.


  1. Weekend
  2. Go Wild With Us
  3. Pool Attendant
  4. Stand Up And Fight
  5. Doctors
  6. Take Off Your Shirt
  7. Awesome Nights In Belgium
  8. I Don’t Wanna Be Like You
  9. Sticksoup
  10. Mexican Standoff
  11. Stockholm Syndrome
  12. King Of The Road
  13. Dance

If want to find out more about the band and their work, check following links:

Official Website






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