New single by Ask Carol: Darkest Hour. Out now !

In the past couple weeks it hasn’t been very quiet around the Norwegian Rock Band: Ask Carol. With the release of the videoclip of their previous single it was a shot well taken and now they are back once again, this time with the release of their newest single, called: Darkest hour.

This is their third single that they have released this year, so clearly they are on a go and let’s be honest, we like that!

The new single, Darkest hour explains perfectly how a person can feel Hen he or she is down and needs to find a way back up. It sums up exactly what a person can come to face when they are in this position and the can therefor also be seen as a reminder for everyone who get’s in this situation to not keep it to themselves and talk about it with your closest friends and family.

The song has a dark bluesy melancholic, stubborn, badass attitude and a driving, pulsating beat. The perfect ingredients for a great song that makes you think about your situation and how to deal with it, but again, you’re not alone here. If you need help you’ll certainly find it closer than you think.

You can listen to the new single on Youtube, as well as on Spotify.

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official Website




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