New Album: Self Theories by Plastic Barricades. Out now!

British alt-indie band: Plastic Barricades has something to share with the rest of the world and they do that in the form of a new album. Self Theories is an album about despair and hope, anxiety and optimism. It also perfectly describes the lack of self asteem and active search for it. How can it be that the modern world and it’s people easily let go their responsibilities? Why are we constantly reinventing ourselves for the sake of a brighter future?

The two headed band: Plastic Barricades, with roots in two major European cities as London and Paris are, are doing their part in the music industry for quite a few years by now and have been inspired by many other bands in their genre to do what they are doing right now.

The album starts off with the previous single, called: Tunnel. The song starts off immediately in a great pace and doesn’t take the time for an introduction making sure that the listeners directly come to know what to expect from the album.

It’s obvious that the two have been overthinking their lyrics, to make sure that the message they wanna bring is covered in all of the songs. All songs are instrumentally also composed with care and the songs have very experimental influences.

Some of the songs are made for the listener to sink away in their thoughts and so they bring a deep message with them. That way they try to bring everyone back in reality with a wake-up call, but at the same time also let them stand still and overthink the actions they have taken. Actions that cannot be turned back and may leave permanent marks.

However it is not too late. Yes, the actions maybe have caused some damage, but in rare occasions there might be a way to make wrongs, right again. The entire album is a reminder for that.

Furthermore, the songs also have their own stories, each depending on the feelings and thoughts that the makers had while creating them. Some of them have darker influences, while other songs have a total opposite of influence. The perfect balance of these two found back in this album brings the artists and their audience way closer to each other than they had been expecting it would do.


  1. Tunnel
  2. Optimist
  3. Don’t Follow Me!
  4. Glaring Screens
  5. Weightless
  6. Right To Be Adored
  7. Game Of Numbers
  8. Spectators
  9. One For The Road
  10. The Great Unknown
  11. Everyone Is Busy
  12. Final Chance

To find out more about the band, check following links:

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