Portland live at gigspot.

a few weeks ago I had the chance to attend a live performance from a great Belgian band, called Portland, right from my own living room. Thanks to the great intiative that Gigspot had set up.

Because 2020 had been a very strange year for all of us, many things we loved to do in the past suddenly became impossible to keep doing. One of those things was going to a concert of your favorite bands. Many concerts and festivals had been cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic and it practically felt as if the world stopped turning around at some point.

We had to stay at home more, keep distances, only go to the stores for essential reasons,… The covid-19 pandemic had brought many things to a sudden stop. Luckily, there are people who have great ideas and are not afraid to share them with the rest of the world. One of those ideas had become a new global phenomenon. Hopefully it can be something that has the power to grow bigger, because it gave us the opportunity to still watch your favorite bands play a gig.

Thanks to the great work that Gigspot had managed to setup, I had the liberty to watch this show. Portland is a belgian, alternative pop-rock band with Jente Pironet as frontman. The band was founded in 2014 and has done many great things in the past six years. With their great and inspiring music they have already managed to get nominated twice for the MIA’s (Belgian Music Industry Awards). They have of course done many gigs too in that period of time and have also build up a fantastic fanbase.

Their show at Gigspot was for the fans, but also for them a unique show. They said it themselves that it was the first time for them doing something like that and with the times were going through right now, this is a fantastic way to maybe help the music industry and it’s artists do what they love to do and give their fans a great time. After all, they are born entertainers. It’s their purpose in life and it would be stupid if they weren’t able to keep entertaining the crowd.

So the show itself was seen from a unique point of view. Never before had I seen a band perform a show live on stage at that very moment, while I was sitting comfortably at home in my chair. It felt as a privilege to be there at that exact moment.

The songs they played during their set were also pearls, one by one. I myself, had seen Jente do a show many years before in my hometown. I was way younger back then and used to hangout at the local youth center of Herselt back in the days. Today, youth center ‘De Choke’ isn’t with us anymore. It is a pity, because we had many great times back there. But life goes on I guess.

It was in those beautiful times back then that I had seen Jente play a gig at a ‘filled to the roof’ youth center. His performance back then was amazing and seeing him play a show now, so many years later, gave me an instant flashback. This show then also was a great throwback moment in my life and I shall therefor not be able to forget anytime soon. The music they played at their recent show was also very good. It was a good way to see jente and his bandmates having made huge improvements in their careers so far, so this was truly special to me.

What made this show even more special was the fact that I also had a meet and greet with the band, after the concert was finished. We had a great time chatting with the band itself. The fact that Jente himself even remembered that moment back in time when he played at our local youth center, gave me a special feeling too. It was showing me that he had definitely had a great time back then, same as we did. Besides of just having a chat about old times, I had the chance to ask them a personal question too. When I asked them what their opinion was about the older music. Music that our parents and grandparents grew up with, their reaction was awesome. They told me that, and I fully support that answer, The music from earlier days, is the base that build up the music of today. Without music from Elvis, The Beatles, or Jente’s favorite artist, whom he definitely would like to perform with if it was still possible: Jeff Buckley, the music of today wasn’t even possible to exist.

With all that said Portland’s live show and the opportunity to have a chat with them, was a milestone in my life so far. I think I’d definitely wouldn’t forget about it anytime soon and that has all it’s right reasons.

So if you’re a fan of alternative music that has inspiring lyrics, perfectly balanced rhythms, dreamy soundwaves and everything else a song should have, go and listen to Portland. They will definitely blow your mind.

Find out more about them on their official website, or on their official youtube channel.

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