Captain Naysayer comes with self-titled debut album. Out February 13!

Captain Naysayer started as a wet dream of Daan and Evert from rockband The DeVilles.

They were looking for other musicians to share in an adventure of 70’s inspired rock and roll.

Lucky for them, bass player Bazz Bear of Mimi Lebonq liked their way of thinking and joined them in their quest.

After some jamming between the three of them, they decided they needed to add some more notes to the mix.

Where guitars fail, keys conquer.

Young Tom, once a history student from Daan’s class and old-school blues guy, joined them on keyboards.

Now they just needed a voice to represent their groovy tunes.

They posted a hot post online to lure in some candidates, and Arthur took the bait.

He had to come all the way from Brazil to find some suitable musicians, but for great music, we’re willing to make some miles.

The album starts off with a strange noise, as if you get sucked into something far away from the reality. But when the music starts, a couple seconds later, you’ll get the point of the strange opener.

The band brings you everything that classic rock ‘n’ roll should give you: everything you need to spontaneously feel the glam taking over.

Complete with dusty rock ‘n’ roll drums, a groovy guitar-riff and a sensual, yet powerful voice of the frontman, this album is the perfect recipe to sink away in your sofa with a pint of beer or even the complet opposite. Turn the volume completely open and you’ll automatically start head-banging through the entire house with your imaginary microphone, which is actually your broom. Good thing tho, the house is cleaned meanwhile, so win-win.

The album therefor is a really good thing to have and listen to when you are someone who, every once in a while, needs something to clear your head. This album is the perfect match for it.

Artwork Self-titled album: Captain Naysayer.


  1. Black Silhouette
  2. Changes
  3. Voodoo Lovin’
  4. I See Danger
  5. Blue Eyed Mask
  6. Living Again

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official Website





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