4-piece metal/HxC/metalcore band ROYAL JAKE from Belgium has released a new video/single called ‘Perpetration’…..!!!

On February 12th 2021ROYAL JAKE from Belgium has released a new video/single called ‘Perpetration’, on their official Youtube channel. The release on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer,… will follow during the week after the video release.

Watch the video here!

While queen Corona rules this planet for almost a year now, it is very hard to look forward for everyone involved in the music business. Also for ROYAL JAKE. Instead of looking into the massive abyss the future is at the moment, they went down memory lane…

Somewhere in the late 90’s metal and hardcore scene, lays a part of ROYAL JAKE’s legacy. In a nostalgic lookback to those days, the idea for covering a SAD ORIGIN song was born.

‘Perpetration’ is a first-ever cover for ROYAL JAKE and is their tribute to a legendary era for Belgian underground music.

ROYAL JAKE is a 4-piece metal/HxC/metalcore band influenced by many old and new bands found in metal, metalcore, hardcore and all its sub-genres. Becoming active in 2010 as 3-headed band, they released their first demo ‘Triple Crown Demo’ in 2012. Two years later Arjen replaced Joris on guitar. A first EP called ‘tenacity’ was released halfway 2015. Getting more support within the Belgian scene, 2016 brings a new release for the band. No compromise were made and the band recorded 5 brutal songs for the EP called ‘Retaliate – the Answer’. 2019 was the year Tijs  joined the band on 2nd guitar and became a year filled with many great shows. Fueled with inspiration, 2020 was going to be the year in which ROYAL JAKE was going to record their first full length. And then there was the pandemic. Still there was some great news at the end of 2020 when they joined the FORCE shows&Bookings roster. And the journey continues…

Through the years ROYAL JAKE has played many shows all over Belgium and The Netherlands, and shared stage with bands such as As Prayers Fail, BEAR, Empty Handed, Cedron, Reach The Shore, Knives To A Gunfight, Hexa Mera, Copia, Colors Dead Bleed, Pushed To Far, Reject The Sickness, Carrion, Signs Of Algorithm, Carry the Weight, Ciconia, Descomunal and many more…

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