Marble comes with new video for their song: “What Leads Us To.”

MARBLE have just released a music video for their song ‘What Leads Us To’! It’s taken from their new album ‘S.A.V.E.’, which is OUT NOW, on Sliptrick Records.

‘S.A.V.E.’ focuses on the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins, and digs deep into the human behaviors of these sins and virtues. Eleonora’s voice blends with powerful and complex rhythm parts in the 11 songs of the album, mixed by Giulio Capone (Moonlight Haze), with the artwork made by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove Design)

From the band: “‘WHAT LEADS US TO’ is our second single taken from the new album ‘S.A.V.E.’.

This song tells a story of Envy, one of the seven deadly sins which the album revolves around (along with the three theological virtues). It was one of the last songs we wrote during the production stage, and we felt the need for a more rock oriented musical approach for this subject.  Eleonora came out with the vocal line you hear in the chorus, so it was quite easy to follow the flow. Omar put down the clean guitars for the verse while Paul and Jacopo created the lead melodies. Norman arranged the easier approach we had on drums, by creating the right aggressiveness that fits in with the whole project. 

The lyrics tell the story of two friends and their broken friendship, a friendship that had accompanied them since they were young. What happened to their relationship? What led them to separate after so many years? Maybe Envy? No straight answer is provided, and we tried to keep the mood melancholic and a little gloomy, the same can be said for the other lyrical themes on the album. We think that the videoclip we shot really fit the idea we had. We wanted to show the countryside we grew up in – and still live in: the rice fields and the long plains around a little church. Of course we had a lot of fun filming, besides the two actors are friends of Eleonora, and they collaborate with her in a local acting company!

We hope this video-clip will “lead” fans to stream or even buy the full album, to enjoy our journey through Sins And Virtues.”

Check out the new video on Youtube and Spotify. Order the new album here!

To find out more about the band, check following links:

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