French Power Duo: Daft Punk, Calls It Quits!

Picture from BBC news**

When you say Daft Punk, many people probably will know who you’re talking about. The Electro-House-power duo from France has then also became a well known act all around the world.

They brought powerful and inspiring music that touched probably many people’s hearts and gave them a nudge so you couldn’t stand still everytime their music played on the radio, at events, and most certainly not when you saw them performing Live on stage.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, then also have gained many publicity and achievements during their existence.

It then also drops in as a bomb if you were told that the legendary duo quits. Some might call me crazy saying this, some might start crying here this news, but it is indeed the sad truth. Not one more time a Live version of: harder, better faster stronger… These shall definitely be missed at festivals and stuff. Of course, you can still keep listening to the songs, maybe as a reminder to the brilliant duo, but we wouldn’t be hearing them anymore live, and that is a sad thing to hear on a monday evening.

One thing is for certain of course, even tho they will be gone, they might never be forgotten. Cause when it comes to music acts, as long as your music is being played around the world, You are still lingering around in the minds of people.

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