Poison Oak comes with new single, called: Sarah!

Australian Punk/ Indie/ Rock-band Poison Oak, originated in the far north of Queensland, have some exciting news to share with the world. How better to do so in times of covid then through the internet?! That’s right! The internet is booming these days with lots of things and also musicians find their way easily here.

These Aussies then also are proud to present to you their newest single, called: Sarah.

Yeah it’s their new song, not their new girlfriend!

The band itself states the song as: “The idea that you cannot fix someone else’s problems despite how hard you try.”

The song also reflects on past traumas, learning to let go of this and showing how to move on with life. Sarah, accentuates the fact that the best option is to let someone go than to rather stay with them and try to help.

The song contains dynamic build ups with a indie rock tone and a sprinkle of brit rock. The song highlights the message that it’s better to focus than to try and fix someone.

Sarah, the song, is available here!

To find out more about the band, check following links:





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