Hellfreaks comes with a new video for their song, called: ‘Tabby.’

The Hungarian Punk-Metal roller coaster THE HELLFREAKS have released the 6th and final video for the track “Tabby“, taken from their recent album GOD ON THE RUN (2020), released on their own and via Sunny Bastards Records in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Due to the slowed down, Nine Inch Nails-esque musical vibe, “Tabby“ is not only a surprising and brilliant change of pace sonically to what most of their fans would expect, it‘s also an anthem for the strangest time in modern history, where we are all facing daily challenges not only due to the pandemic but also because of the raging storm of stress, uncertainty and insecurities happening in our heads 24-7.

In her own words, Frontwoman and powerhouse Shakey Sue commented further about the true meaning behind “Tabby“: It’s a reflection of who you want to be in life. Life can make us believe that we’re all slaves to the circumstances and the whispers in our ears during the roughest of time, telling us that we’ve lost all control … and more often than not, there are always others that want to force us to accept that this is our fate and that the cards are laid out for us already. For most of us our path is not a lullaby, but with “Tabby“ we want to encourage you to take control of what you can control: of who you are, what you want and what you stand for. We’re born with the conviction and the ability to be as strong as we choose to be. But when we grow up, so many of us lose their confidence somewhere along the way. Remember that you have stripes too! Cat or Tiger? Who are you? … it‘s up to you to show your stripes!“

The album GOD ON THE RUN saw THE HELLFREAKS team up with the likes of Paul Miner (New Found Glory, Atreyu, Death By Stereo) for pre-production, Evan Rodaniche (Escape The Fate, Powerman 5000, Lacey Sturm) for production and mix and mastered by Tom Waltz.

THE HELLFREAKS are currently working on their next album to be released in the first half of 2022 together with a brand new label and more of the Punk Metal mash-ups that they are known for …. to be continued.

Check out the music video here!

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