Montreal’s INTONATE Streaming Forthcoming Album ‘Severed Within’

Montreal (QC) – Canadian bruisers INTONATE have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the premiere of the forthcoming album Severed Within. Stream it here!

Doing the storied Montreal death metal scene proud, INTONATE will release sophomore album Severed Within on April 16 via Willowtip Records. The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Pre-orders are open now at the following locations:



“Simultaneously crushing and elevating death metal.”– Invisible Oranges

“This is everything technical death metal is supposed to be: nuanced, unpredictable, creative, discordant, brutal, and so much more.”– Last Rites

“Dropping five brutish technical death metal tracks from a great height, the resulting smash that accompanies the landing is deafening. Such is Intonate’s wild flurry of noise, dragged kicking and screaming to a ballsy 40-minute length.” (9/10)– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“INTONATE deliver not only an upgrade on their previous album, they set the bar very high with Severed Within. The album should be part of the collection of a wide range of Death Metal fans.” (9/10)– Metal Temple

“Severed Within is an impressive and immersive piece of death metal.” (8.5/10)– Dead Rhetoric

“A triumph of malevolent and atmospheric death.”– Wonderbox Metal

“This is raw, chaotic, corrosive and dark sounding death metal, for fans of the gritty and the filthy.”– The Metal Observer

“It’s one hell of a workout. The entire experience is what it might be like after you were trapped under a slag pile, finding breathing nearly impossible as you slowly black out forever.”– Meat Mead Metal

“The crushing impact of this second highly awaited album reminds us the band’s roots while spreading strength and dissonance in a technical way.”– Acta Infernalis

The album follows the 2016 independent debut The Swerve, itself a penetrating technical death metal experience, complete with progressive flourishes. Severed Within builds upon that foundation, but adds new dimensions and tendencies. The album contains five compositionally magnificent tracks that produce a 40-minute death metal firestorm sure to land on many 2021 year-end lists.

Following the 2016 debut, The Swerve, the new album presents the band’s personal catharsis and reflections on life’s dual offerings constantly struggled with. Musically, the band delivers a more uncompromisingly aggressive and honest sound, while keeping true to its roots.


  1. Sever
  2. Within
  3. Yearn
  4. Wander
  5. Prolong

Album Credits:
Drums recorded by Samuel Robert at Studio 25Guitars and Bass recorded by Jean-Philippe MatteGuitar.

Solo recorded by Claude LeducVocals, Acoustic Guitars, and Reamping by Xavier Berthiaume at Studio Tehom.

Mixing and Mastering by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrrr StudioArtwork and Layout by Gabriel LepageArt Direction by Gabriel Lepage and Dominic Nucciarone.

Guest Vocals on “Within” by Étienne Bayard.

Nicola Nucciarone
– Electric Guitar & Vocals

Ulysses Fiorito – Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Jean-Philippe Matte – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Dominic Nucciarone – Drums and Extra Sounds

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