The Mystery Plan release ‘You Also Have Eyes’ LP, co-produced by John Fryer. Watch the video for ‘Silver Lining’ feat. Big Supreme

Indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan present their new album ‘You Also Have Eyes’, released via Ten Millimeter Omega RecordingsProduced by Jason Herring, Rob Tavaglione and the legendary John Fryer, this long-player continues a tradition of collaboration with Fryer that includes their 2020 ‘Zsa Zsa’ record and 2017 ‘Queensland Ballroom’ album.

The band’s sixth full-length album, ‘You Also Have Eyes’ features select tracks from several of their records, including ‘We All Get Down’ (co-written, produced and mixed by Ian Masters of Pale Saints, Spoonfed Hybrid, ESP Summer). There are three new songs exclusive to this CD and digital edition – ‘Silver Lining, ‘Weird Things Humans Do’, and the Peter Anderson (the Ocean Blue) mix of ‘Wonder Why’. 

Formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2010, The Mystery Plan is Jason Herring, Amy Herring, Jefferson Chester, Otis Hughes and Patty McLaughlin. To date, they’ve released 11 EPs and LPs. Their new album also involves contributions by Micah Gaugh (The Veldt / Apollo Heights / Dope Sagittarius)Rob Tavaglione and Snap Nation.

Ahead of this, the band previewed the lead track‘Silver Lining’ featuring Big Supreme on vocals. Written during the pandemic, this song is an ode to looking at the bright side of things. The accompanying live lounge-styled video was shot and cut by Jay Thomas in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Big Supreme (a.k.a. Chris Jones) is a rapper from Charlotte, who has been on the scene.

You Also Have Eyes: Track-list:

  1. Electric Love
  2. The Golden Moon and Silvery Sea
  3. We All Get Down (Ian Masters Mix)
  4. Midnight Trail Ride
  5. Al Gore Rhythms
  6. Silver Lining (Feat Big Supreme)
  7. Wonder Why
  8. Those Stars
  9. Always
  10. Long Way To Heaven
  11. Wonder Why (Peter Anderson Mix)
  12. Before You Go
  13. Weird Things People Do

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