Rise Against is back, from never being away! New Album: Nowhere Generation, out now.

“A new album from Rise Against is always fun, and this one hits like a bomb right away!”

We all have bands or artists that we close in our hearts and when they release something new it’s an instant hit. Rise Against is definitely one of them. 

Their new album: Nowhere Generation starts with a deformation in the French national anthem: La Marseillaise, as an emphasis on what is underlined throughout the album. The oppression of the common people and what we can do against it.

Similarly, the first track of the album, called: The Numbers, is one that supports this sentiment. It perfectly captures what is currently going on in the world, but at the same time it is also a call for every good citizen to join hands and fight for a better future for our children. 

The numbers is a strong song that has a perfect mix of speed-up punk rock pieces and slower, but also heavier metal/rock pieces that play on the feelings with on the one hand the firm voice of front man Tim Mcllrath and on the other hand the emotions that the band underlines with the beautiful guitar work. Add to that a phenomenal piece of drumming and you have the perfect ingredients for this rock solid opener of their new album.

And that’s not all, because you can hear this perfect mix in all the songs on this sensitive record and with this record, which is almost exactly four years younger than its predecessor, this American melodic punk band from Chicago, Illinois wants to emphasize that they are back, from never really being gone.

Some of the songs also emphasize what is going on in the world right now. These are difficult times for everyone, but with perseverance, courage and the right people (virtually) around you, we will get through it together. We just have to persevere and not let courage get the better of us.

When you say Rise Against, some of their legendary songs will spontaneously pop into your head. On this new album there are songs that will undoubtedly be added to the list of Best of Rise Against very soon as well. That’s because they not only sound great, but also carry a wonderful message. 

Besides the heavier songs on the album, the band also incidentally thought of a moment of rest for their fans. After you’ve undoubtedly given everything from the beginning of the album and spontaneously started moshing in your living room, halfway through the album it’s time to put your things back in order and give things that have fallen a dignified burial to the nearest dustbin. Forfeit is one of them.

Not sitting still for too long is the obvious message of Nowhere Generation. Maybe because you’ve been doing that enough lately, so this album will get you moving again and maybe even make you want to go to concerts again. Remember them? The times when we all stood around in those crowded tents enjoying our favorite bands and artists, while willingly knocking down our beer at every moshpit that came along? Hopefully it can happen again soon, because bands like Rise Against deserve those overcrowded tents of fans all over the world more than once. 

Nowhere Generation is therefore a great entry and will undoubtedly break jars ( or bones). That much is for sure!


  1. The Numbers
  2. Sudden Urge
  3. Nowhere Generation
  4. Talking To Ourselves
  5. Broken Dreams
  6. Forfeit
  7. Monarch
  8. Sounds Like
  9. Sooner Or Later
  10. Middle Of A Dream
  11. Rules Of Play
New single: The numbers, from new album.

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