WITHERING SOUL’s Last Contact Out Now / “Ascent to Madness” Video Released

Chicago (IL) – Blackened Melodic Death Metal veterans WITHERING SOUL have released Last Contact via Mortal Music. The album is available to stream/purchase here!

The band has also released the official video for album track “Ascent to Madness,” which can be viewed here!

The video is the work of world renowned artist Costin Chioreanu (Mayhem, At the Gates, Borknagar etc.) Concerning the video concept: “It is a puzzled story about illusions we are aiming for during our lifetime. It is our choice to accept or not that reality is an ever changing painting board.”

WITHERING SOUL’s album release show, which also features MORTA SKULD and DISMALIMERENCE, will take place tonight, September 24, in Chicago at The Cobra Lounge.
“Sometimes sharp and cutting, sometimes filthy and infectious, sometimes twisted and evil, but always memorable. You’ll be going to hell if you listen to this album but at least Withering Soul will be there alongside you.”– Games, Brrraaains and a Head-Banging Life

“Withering Soul’s universe is as rich as dark. Heady and mystical melodies on Last Contact create a vortex of blackness in which the band pours its rage, its melancholy and above all its creativity.” (85/100)– Acta Infernalis

“A colossal drum sound that provides a thunderous backdrop to each of these Blackened Death Metal cuts, each one an all conquering artillery shell bombardment of blast beats and rampaging fills in keeping with the finest of the frosty Nordic scene that has clearly influenced Withering Soul.” (8/10)– Metal Noise

“Last Contact has a strong Dissection type of vibe that makes it harsh and melodic at the same time. The juxtaposition of elements from a variety of subgenres works to the band’s benefit. Last Contact has all of the elements to make it enticing and appealing to the listener.”– Heavy Music Headquarters

“There is no shortage of interesting and catchy melodies, which give the album a more expressive character and make it an interesting item. It is worth checking what Americans have to offer in 2021.”– Powermetal Warrior

The band released the following statement concerning Last Contact:
WITHERING SOUL continues with their fourth installment of blackened melodic death metal, dramatic mood swings and eerie atmospheres. Last Contact is an anthology of stories that blur the line between the living and deceased and elaborates on the idea of receiving a communication from someone or something that no longer exists. Anything from a voice recording, a distress signal, to a star flickering in the night sky. The observer is left only to their interpretation, unsuspecting of what could potentially be something far more sinister than what appears. Reality is sometimes the scariest narrative of all!”

Track list:

  1. Visitation
  2. Allegory Of The Void
  3. Carrion Reflection
  4. Of Blackened Pillars
  5. Ascent To Madness
  6. Into The Harrowing Expanse
  7. The Transcendence Of Night
  8. Uncharted Course

Album Credits:

Mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel at Clintworks Audio

Cover artwork by Pierre-Alain D. of 3mmi Design (www.3mmi.org)

Drums recorded at Belle City Sound

Guitar and Vocal recording engineered by Exhul from Ossilegium

Bass Guitar recorded at Studio 1134

Withering Soul is:

Wilder – Guitar

Christopher – Vocals and Guitar

Rick – Drums

To find out more about the band, check following links:



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