New Single: To Go For Love, By Ira Getman, Out Now!

Slavic Valkyrie with a bass guitar, IRA GETMAN storms the musical Mount Olympus
with the single ‘To Go for Your Love’, charging into the mainstream metal scene
from Duisburg, Germany.

Ira Getman’s music is a kaleidoscope of emotions, a dynamic flow of hard ‘n’ heavy rock
energy with epic but danceable elements in combination with soulfully deep vocals.
Her music sounds like a collaboration between Rammstein and Céline Dion that would be
called “Mein Herz will go on”! Power, confidence, and passion pour into and are expressed
through the great work of this modern, independent woman.

Ira Getman has an individual style and an extensive musical experience. No wonder – she
was a student of the legendary Floor Jansen of Nightwish. The successes of Ira Getman as
former frontwoman of the dark metal band Sariola include numerous concerts in Europe,
and tours as support for monsters of the metal scene, namely Possessed, Belphegor, and
Blitzkrieg as well as a headlining tour in Russia.

Ira shared the stage several times with bands like Pro-Pain, Megaherz, Ensiferum and
other famous international acts. Ira Getman is not only a professional artist: she is also a
successful model and influencer all over Europe.

During her appearance in the TV show ‘Curvy Supermodel’ she gained great fame by
combining her model and rock star image together. Furthermore, she appeared as the
main actress in the video for ‘Hell Funeral’, by Grave Digger.

Around 50,000 Instagram fans worldwide are already following her music and modelling
career. For the new fans Ira is a big surprise – for her die-hard supporters she is a constant
breath of fresh air.

Femininity, catchy style, strong vocals, and brutal guitar riffs – these are the flavourful
ingredients to this multi-talented artist’s recipe for success. Working with the talented
producer and musician Jon Phipps, who has worked with bands such as Cradle of Filth,
Moonspell, and Amorphis, Ira Getman has fast become a new voice for contemporary
values and liberation in our troubled world.

Ira Getman confidently brings her music to the people, juxtaposing raw riffs with the fine
lines of her feminine looks. A woman with a bass guitar and an elegant dress will not go
unnoticed. Her bold presence can only be felt – it cannot be ignored.

The song ‘To go for love’ might not be understandable for all listeners, tho it is a great song that will instantly makes you head-banging while listening.

It has it’s upbeat moments, combined with a powerful voice and outstanding instrumental background. Then there are also the ‘reflection’ moments within the song.

Imagine staring with dreamy eyes in front of you, feeling like you are entirely alone on this planet or perhaps even not on the planet. The influential background music can make that happen.

Be careful tho, when the beats and the voice kick back in you are instantly pulled back into reality which might cause that it feels as if you’re free-falling from the sky onto solid ground.

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