London-based Spiritual/ earth-centered indie pop folk duo: Shrinari, release new album called: Hold On To To The Hope, Though. Out November 24th!

British-Spanish indie folk duo Shrinari present their new long-player ‘Hold On To The Hope, Though’, a collection of deep, inspirational tracks recorded over the past few years, bringing the listener with them on a surrealistic journey on a path of discovery. You could call this music Genre Fluid, Sacred Funk or Spirit Soul. You could call it High Frequency Music or World Folk Pop. This beautifully-crafted collection is inspiration and full of love, light and positivity.

These eight tracks intertwine the personal and the collective, giving voice to the challenges we are facing in these changing times. Always delivered with a Shrinari sense of optimism and hope filled wonder, their music reflects the point of no return that we are living through historically, together with the timeless themes of human existence and evolution.

“This moment in time feels like a crucial point. We’re in the middle of a bridge we’re crossing between what we have been and what we will become. This album is a bridge as well between many aspects: the personal and the collective, the ancestral and the contemporary, the magical and the mundane, logic and intuition, fear and trust, etc.,” says Rafael Marchante Angulo.

Based in London, Shrinari is a leading duo on the British spiritual music scene, who tour internationally. Formed by Lucidia Omamori and Rafael Marchante Angulo, they incorporate harp, guitar and vocals into their music, which has a strong spiritual component and carries a message of hope, unity and connection.

This follows the single Standing Rock’, which features London-based chamber-pop artist Heren Wolf, notable Spanish drummer Edu Olmedo and the sublime horn section from Brixton reggae, dub and afrobeat band The Soothsayers. Lucidia worked with Basma Jabbar, putting Lucidia’s poem to melody and music, which was then developed and produced by Rafael Marchante Angulo (and performed at the Extinction Rebellion protests in London and BBC Airwaves Festival).

The duo had announced this album with lead track ‘The Gift’ with an earth-loving video by Kai Ohio, based on a concept by Lucidia Omamori, and the cinematic ethno-folk-pop ballad ‘Desert Path’, reflecting a magical encounter with the supernatural world and a tale of love with all its twists and turns.

Shrinari make music that brings hope, fuels a positive outlook on life, and promotes ecological and spiritual awareness. With their new musical output, Shrinari continue their transcendent adventure in consciousness and celebration of love and life through the synergy of sound and song.

“These lyrics depict personal and profound moments of exploration and discovery in my inner and outer journey, articulating my process of understanding my inner conflicts, integrating the effect of witnessing and contributing to the destruction of this planet we have been gifted. This is a reminder to ourselves and others to hold on to the hope, to perceive and to experience beauty where it still dwells, and to take action to shift the balance in a positive direction for the future generations. A reminder to honour all the teachings we have received along the way on our diverse path of spiritual searching, philosophical understanding and to show up with deep conviction to love this planet and preserve the beauty for all life as a result of clarity I have received in moments of realisation,” says Lucidia Omamori.

As of November 24, the ‘Hold Onto The Hope, Though’ album will be available digitally everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music and directly from the artist via Bandcamp. A percentage of profits from all their music goes to support projects aimed at protecting the earth and indigenous peoples.

All lyrics written by Lucidia Omamori
Music written by Lucidia Omamori and Rafael Marchante Angulo
Lead vocals: Lucidia Omamori
Melody to ‘Standing Rock’ co-written by Heren Wolf and Basma Jabbar
Male vocalist in Standing Rock: Heren Wolf
Cello for ‘New Light’ and ‘The Gift’ recorded and played by Asha McCarthy
Cello for Desert Path: Ailsa Mair Hughes
Viola for ‘The Gift’ recorded and played by Jocelyn Pook
Backing vocals on ‘The Gift’: Tega Mendes and Andriah Arrindell
Violins: Preetha Narayanan (New Light, Reminisce) and Jahnavi Harrison (Soul Calling)
Drum kit: Edu Olmedo
All horns recorded by Idris Rahman
Trumpet and Trombone: Robin Hopcraft.
Clarinet and saxophone: Idris Rahman
Quena (Andean flute): Herbert Quinteros
All guitars: Rafael Marchante Angulo
All songs produced, recorded and mixed by Rafael Marchante Angulo and co-produced by Lucidia Omamori
Vocals, guitar, cello and violin for ‘Soul Calling’ recorded at Iguana Studios by Jagannatha Suta
Mastered by Andy Hippy at Metropolis Studios in London
Photography and single covers by Jethro Tanner
Album cover by Vessi Ves Photography featuring artwork of Nick Mindscapes
‘The Gift’ cover photograph by Kai Ohio
‘Standing Rock’ photograph by Jethro Tanner. Layout by Ryuho Omamori

01. New Light
02. Ancestral Fire
03. Desert Path
04. Reminisce
05. Standing Rock
06. Listen Up
07. Soul Calling
08. The Gift

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