Album review: Atreyu – Baptize.

“One solid album indicates that Atreyu is back from never really being away.”

When it comes to heavy metal, Atreyu should definitely not being excluded from the list of bands that are worth mentioning. The quintet from Yorba Linda in California have established themselves in the ranks of metal bands during their career in the music industry over the years.

Now they are back in action again and they would love to share that with the entire world, in the form of a new album, titled: Baptize. With this album they also confirm that they still have enormous strength and perseverance, with which they can hit hard with.

Baptize starts with a mysterious sound and a synchronous vocal line, like that of a choir. The intro doesn’t last very long, tho, but it does emphasize something that awaits us, just like the title of the song itself says: “The strange powers of prophecy”.

When moving on to the next song it immediately becomes clear that the band has not been quiet and that they have been working hard over the years. Good use is made of both electronic elements, as well as the heavy influences, Which is what Atreyu stands for. A piece of music with that has something for everyone. You can hear this great mix throughout the entire album.

The lyrics in the songs usually also have a certain depth and it quickly becomes clear that the band has put a lot of thought into it. There are fast parts in the album, as well as slower parts.

From breakdowns with strong screams, drums and guitar, to faster work with clean vocals and guitar solos. Everything is there that makes Baptize an album worth listening to and you certainly don’t have to be a die-hard Atreyu fan to do so.

The songs on the album certainly have a high head bang factor. Combined with catchy vocals, this ensures that the songs will be pounded into your head quickly enough, so that you will be able to sing them along in no time.

What is also characteristic of the band, and what they have been able to achieve again in this new album, is that the titles of their songs are always short but powerful. That is an extra good method for popping the songs into the minds of their listeners.

To put it briefly: Baptize contains everything you would expect from an Atreyu album, and that makes it another masterpiece that the California quintet is proud to share with you.


  1. Strange Powers Of Prophecy
  2. Baptize
  3. SAVE US
  4. Underrated
  5. Broken Again
  6. Weed
  7. Dead Weight
  8. Catastrophe
  9. Fucked Up
  10. Sabotage Me
  11. Untouchable (ft. Jacoby Shaddix)
  12. No Matter What
  13. Oblivion (ft. Matt Heafy)
  14. Stay
  15. Warrior

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