Album review: Bullets For Breakfast by Bullet Dodgers.

Uncomplicated Rock n’ Roll … Heavy is good, Heavy is reliable … bullets for breakfast!! Don’t let anything get you down, be a Bullet Dodger !!

The musicians in The Bullet Dodgers have been around in various bands for over a quarter of a century. After 25 years each and everyone of us is still doing what we do!

Adversity, ego’s, wanna bees, sneaky political bastards … we basically dodged every bullet that came at us … throw us anything, we can take it!!

So for all of you out there who is delivering any kind of struggle, we know what it’s like … it’s us!! It’s what our music is, it’s right there in the sound and attitude of the songs. We’re all dodging bullets!

So once those bullets were fired at ya, earlier today, this week, this month, this decade … even just for a while … leave the struggle, leave the factory, leave the office, leave authorities, … and live the ways of Rock n’ Roll!

No way we were only put on this planet just to survive, breaking our backs, work and pay taxes …

When we started this … the only real plan was to make songs, just songs! … on the edge and kinda heavy.

This music definitely is means to a new era, however: This music represents who we are, nothing more, nothing less! This was not composed to sound like somebody else.

We don’t wanna be unique!

So fuck progressive!

Fuck new school!

Just be who you are!

We just want to play our kind of Rock n’ Roll!

Don’t forget, life does go on, always … so make the most of it while it lasts!

That’s what the band itself says about them and they are absolutely right. I had the amazing opportunity to watch the guys perform live and their show was complete from start to finish. They play the music perfectly live and that is what makes this band powerful.

They also have an album out, called: Bullets For breakfast. A match made in heaven when it comes to written-, but also spoken poetry.

The album starts with an upbeat, cheerful piece of music. The kind that instantly brings a smile on your face only to transform into a heavier piece of music, when the guys have had a great conversation and she is finished.

When the music starts playing, you’ll instantly start head-banging. Without a doubt. The music is powerfully created and the combination of guitars and drums is done so brilliantly that they underline each other.

Head-banging is also something you’re going to be doing continuously.

In the second song, there’s another new addition to the music: A powerful voice. One that perfectly matches the music and it’s atmosphere. These combinations should be heard continuously throughout the album.

All the songs carry their own story with them, and thanks to the musical geniality behind them, the album is a perfectly combined storyline. All songs then also have direct, or indirect connection with each other, with the album title, and with the band. Perfectly mastered, they have created an instant new member of the band that will be with them through eternity.

The title of the last song is chosen brilliantly, same as the music and lyrics. It perfectly announces the that the end is coming. This part of the album is then also done with awesome work, so that it matches it’s title and lyrics: When the passion is over, the end is near.

Track list:

  1. Intro (Boris)
  2. Red
  3. One More Mile
  4. Nose burn
  5. Don’t Care
  6. A Cure For Pain
  7. Bet On You
  8. My Lying Baby
  9. Dodging Bullets
  10. Voices
  11. When The Passion Is Over.

To find out more about the band, check following links:

Official Website




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