Short Story: Casa Musica Plays Christmas Carols.

Snowflakes were falling softly on the ground, and on the roofs of the cozy houses of a small little town, called: Etely Mountain. The scenery that this had created was a perfect setting for Christmas eve, and the entire village had come together at the town center where a lovely Christmas market had been set up.

Stands with hot chocolate, gins, waffles, and many more were hosted by people who had only one thing in mind: Uniting the village during this wonderful time of the year, and they did so with honor and success.

The entire village had decided to go over there and that created wonderful reunions and hilarious, but also sometimes emotional moments. People who hadn’t seen each other in a while, fell into each others arms and had a drink together while looking back at past memories. Some of the folks had already had, almost enough of liquor inside of their stomaches, so that they decided to either go home, or have a hot coco instead.

The most precious moment of this evening, and something that nobody had heard of before, was something that the major had set up. A two-headed band that grew up in this cozy little village, where everyone knew each other, had recently gained world fame with their latest album and a world tour that had huge success, and now these two guys were about to play a free show at the town center.

“Casa Musica is playing tonight! Have you heard?” Was a sentence that went around the market in a quick pace and so it was that around eight pm, everyone gathered together at the center. There, Michiel and Thomas, were busy preparing for their show tonight. They had agreed with the major to do a Christmas acoustic show, playing only Christmas songs.

When Michiel saw the people gathering together, he gained a warm feeling inside of his stomach and tapped Thomas on his shoulder. When he felt this, Thomas turned around and asked: “What’s up?” Michiel nodded towards the crowd and said: “Look at that. The entire town came to see us, again.” A smile appeared on his face while saying this. He looked over the crowd and saw his dad standing somewhere in the middle, with his mom, and Thomas’s parents. When their gazes crossed, Herbert smiled, looked around and pulled up his shoulders, as if he was saying: “We can’t reach the front of the stage because of all the people gathered here right now.” Michiel smiled back and nodded in an act of understanding. He saw his girlfriend, Elise, in the back of the stage putting away his guitar case and went up towards her.

Thomas was also busy with his guitar case and when Michiel came up to them he first gave Elise a hug and said: “I’m so excited for tonight, yet also a bit nervous” “You shouldn’t be.” She replied. “This is going to be a great show.” She added and Michiel gave her an intense kiss.

A couple moments later, he and Thomas went up stage and took their guitars. At the same moment, also the major entered the stage. “Are you ready guys?” he asked and Thomas and Michiel replied in unison: “yes we are.” The major nodded and gained a smile on his face. He then took the microphone and said to the crowd: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m very happy that we have such a great evening tonight so far. The next band doesn’t really need an introduction, as we have seen them grow from two young, talented musicians, to what they are today. A world famous duo, called: Casa Musica. Please give them a warm round of applause: Michiel And Thomas!

One second later Thomas started playing his guitar as Michiel took the mic and started singing a famous Christmas Carol: Jingle Bells. While this song started playing, the entire crowd immediately started singing along. Herbert and Maria, started slowing, same as Elise did together with Jana.

Because it was Christmas eve, Michiel and Thomas had created a set suitable for this evening. All of the songs they played were Christmas theme, including a song they had written by themselves: Please Santa, give us a wonderful Christmas time. When they played that song, Elise and Jana were as surprised as everyone else. This song, they had written in the past week and so nobody had heard it before. It therefor was a lovely surprise for everyone.

When Michiel and Elise got home, they immediately went to bed and fell asleep instantly. On Christmas morning they woke up slowly and had a small breakfast, then got ready for the feast, hosted by Michiel’s parents.

They were the first to arrive at Herbert and Maria’s place. Also the rest of the gang of Etely Mountain had been invited and were arriving shortly after Michiel and Elise did. The party opened with a toast from Herbert, saying that he was glad to be with his friends and family. “After all, that’s what Christmas is all about.” He said with a wink. He then also added that he and his wife were proud of what Michiel and Thomas had established over the past few years. Michiel chuckled when he heard that and softly whispered into Elise’s ear: “He does that every year.” Elise smiled softly and gave Michiel a quick kiss on his hand. Herbert continued his speech and ended with saying: “Is there anyone else who wants to add something?” Michiel hesitated only for a split second, then said: “I do.” When Thomas heard him saying that, he knew immediately what was going to happen. He and Michiel had talked about this last evening, after their show.

Michiel took place where his dad had stood and said: “I haven’t really prepared a speech, but i do have prepared something else.” He turned his head towards Elise and continued: “Elise Peeters, I love you to the moon and back. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

For a moment, Elise could not find any words to say. She was speechless and gained tears in her eyes. When she was finally able to speak again, she replied: “There would be no greater pleasure for me, then to do so. Yes, I’ll marry you.” She fell into Michiel’s arms when she had said those words and Michiel saw his mom and dad, as well as Elise’s parents standing behind her with tears in their eyes. A smile appeared on his face while seeing them and he looked further to see where Thomas was standing. When he found him and Jana, he saw them hugging each other with a huge smile on their faces.

One of the most beautiful moments had just happened into Elise’s life. She could not believe it yet, but she knew that her love for Michiel was as true as it ever could be. Nobody was able at this very moment, to curse this evening. The most wonderful time of the year, and for Elise, the most wonderful time in her life. That was certain.

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