In loving Memory, chapter five: Meat Loaf.

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I would do anything to bring back the artists who passed away. These brilliant musicians who made the world shine brighter with their spectacular talents, even if it just means shining a bit brighter.. It’s those artist who bring tears to our eyes, love to our hearts and joy to our lives. It is never easy to say goodbye to a dearly beloved, rather if it is your father or your mother, your sister or your brother, your family or your friend. Even if the person in particular is just a person you don’t know personally, but love what he or she ever has created, it will break your heart when time comes that you have to say goodbye to them.

Today we therefor acknowledge a really terrible loss. The world lost an icon in the music industry, and it’s not even for long by now. Just a few hours. Michael Lee Aday, Better known as famous musician, artist, actor and icon; Meat Loaf, has said goodbye for the very last time is his life. It’s been a privilege to all of us for having been able to listen to his amazing voice, singing gracious songs like: I’d do anything for love, Bat out of hell, Paradise by the dashboard light, and so many more. These songs had, and still have, all very powerful messages and stories to tell.

Everything Michael ever wanted to say to the world, has been transformed into poetic songs with lyrics that brought tears to the eyes of the people who went through the same thing happening in the song. He had unique way of expressing his feelings, and with that touching other people’s feelings with it. He was a true artist and he shall be missed forever.

our thoughts go out to his family and friends, in the first place, but also to everybody who’s struggling with emotions, feelings, health,.. Everyone who needs a hug right now, can get a virtual one through the heritage that Michael left to us in his work. He will therefor never be forgotten.

Rest In Piece, your star will shine brightly above us, and we will acknowledge her as your spirit being in rest that you so gratefully deserve.

Michael Lee Aday (Meat Loaf)

Born: September 27, 1947 in Dallas, Texas, US.

Died: January 20, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, US.

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