DRAMANDUHR: Unveils debut single “Ixaltirud” | Esoteric/Mediterranean Metal

The debut of the italian Esoteric/Mediterranean Metal project DRAMANDUHR has finally come. “IXALTIRUD“, first single of a long series that anticipates the release of Dramanduhr’s debut full-lenght. 

IXALTIRUD” it’s the first emanation of the project: a song of evocativity, with an esoteric and mediterranean sound, sung in a glossolalia-driven evocative language. A remarkable fresh style, hardly definible within the main Metal genres but unusual, transcendental and avant-garde.

Below few extracts of Dramanduhr’s biography:

“At 3.46 am of December 25th 2020, inexplicably, a champagne chalice fell on the ground from a rung in the garden, breaking in thousand pieces right under my sight….” /// “…The songs of Dramanduhr are sung in Dahrmonium, an evocative language of pure glossolalia, which aims at emanating the archetypical vibrations to communicate with the Absolute.”

To find out more about Dramanduhr, check following links:





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