Free-writing: Short stories written on the go.

It has been said that whenever you are struggling to write down the right words, take a pen and paper and write down the things that come to your mind instantly. That part is called Free-writing.

I have taken this tip on the go and wrote down two short stories in 20 minutes. Those, for once, are not music related. I do hope, however that you enjoy what you’re about to read here right now.

Short story one is about a soldier on the battlefield. Here it comes:

Once there was a soldier, running through the minefield on his socks. The only thing he was capable of doing was being as silent as he could be. With all the mines surrounding him, that was a useful thing to do. Thinking about what could go wrong, made him feel a bit terrified and so sweat was running down from his head. What was he going to do? He himself had no clue. The only thing that he thought about was the danger surrounding him. Silently he went further on his road towards the general’s tent. In times of war, there was nothing around him that made him feel comfortable, so he went on with careful thoughts. In his opinion, that was a smart move, cause things could be messy in a very short period of time, and that’s why he was a brave soldier. The reason why he went to the general’s tent, was then also a brave effort, in order to help his comrades. Someone had to do it, cause if no-one ever was going to say that they were out of food, they were going to starve soon. And that was something that never should happen.

Short story two comes from the deeper mind and is set on deeper grounds too. It’s about two grains of sand who meet each other at the bottom of the ocean.

When we first met at the bottom of the ocean, there was nothing. Just you and me surrounded by water and sand. Barely capable of moving around, we laid motionless. We could not even speak to each other, because were just grains of sand. So why did we had the power to get here? How did we were able to move around in packs, while we were not able to move at all? Somewhere along the way, something must have changed us. The clock ticking, was the only sound hearable at this moment, but none of us was able to see what time it was. How did we come here? How have we traveled such a long distance? If we are not capable of moving around at all. For we are just some grains of sand, laying motionless around. Waiting for the time to come, to move us further on the ground. Why is it such a mystery that we could move at all, and travel far away distances through time and land. After all, sand is just sand, we cannot move on our own. We have to stick together and move in packs, on and on. In a matter of seconds things can change us along the way, for we are small and fragile and never be seen apart from a long distance, far away. That’s why we need to stick together, so people can see us go. That is an important thing to do for grains of sand on the roll.

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I have always been a passionate storyteller and the influence of stories on people and their decisions impresses me. I like to immerse myself in the projects I work on and I fully focus on the research and the creation of the stories that I think are worth writing. I am a curious and enterprising Writer who likes to delve into the news from the music world. Putting that news into a compelling story is what I love to do and will bring to you today. I am currently found on Gigview, where I write the Album reviews from the heavy metal genres. Follow the link to my space on their site to get information about us. Link: https://www.gigview.be/andy-meeus. I am also writing for Musosoup. To go my page there, click following link: https://app.musosoup.com/submit/AndysMusicCorner

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