Band Interview: USQUAM

We had the amazing opportunity to do an interview with an amazing metal band from France. They bring Black and Death metal in all its glory and fame. Originally started as a solo project, it quickly turned out to a full band and they continue growing, in the form of musical add-ons to their family. Time to get to know this kind fella’s, and how better then by interviewing them and let them introduce themselves properly!

1) Introduce yourself quickly:

We’re USQUAM, a French metal band.

2) What kind of music do you play?

“Blackened metal” sums it up. We draw from black and death metal influences most of the time but there are other styles that inspire us, such as hardcore, gothic or movie music.

3) Have you played a lot of gigs before?

Personally a lot, yes!

Usquam is initially a solo project. Now it’s a full band and we’re just preparing to play LIVE!

4) Do you make your own music, or do you play covers?

A very personal cover of Tears for fears, which we will release soon. For the rest, it’s only composi-tion.

5) When you play covers, do you give them a little personal touch and how do you do that part of the job?

For “Shout”, the song we cover, we kept the original tempo of the song. I don’t like “metal” covers that just speed up the song without adding anything. All the melodies were taken and reinterpreted in our own way!

6) What influenced you to start playing the instrument you play? (Each person can answer this question personally).

I thought about becoming a drummer but in the end the bass was the instrument that fit me best.

7) What artists do you admire most and have they influenced your choices, both in your personal life and in the world of musicians?

Dissection, Emperor, Dimmu, Carcass, Deicide, Dark funeral and classics like Maiden in the begin-ning.

8) How did you meet? (Group question)

I recruited everyone through the internet. We’re a little scattered here and there but we’re organi-zed so it works!

9) Where do you get your inspiration to write your songs?

I compose the music. It’s a natural process, not thought out: I throw rhythms and improvise on them: rhythmic, melodies, vocal lines, sometimes keyboards…It’s quite weird but everything comes out at the same time! I oscillate in a state of trance and release. The composition is quite intense for me…

10) Do you go to festivals or concerts just for and with the pleasure of seeing other bands play?

For my part, not much nowadays. When I was younger I did a lot though. I also did a lot of concert photos for a webzine.

11) What if someone invited you to play a concert in another country? Would you consider playing in another country?

Absolutely yes! In the case of foreign countries we will try to group several dates, to make a small tour.

12) What is your opinion about music today?

Music is always evolving, it’s really interesting. Generally I tend to evaluate bands on their latest albums and not to stay stuck in the past!

13) What do you think of the music, bands, older musicians, that our parents or even grand-parents grew up with?

As I said, I’m more oriented towards the future. My parents listened to mostly crap. I only have good memories of 2 things they listened to: Evis Presley and… Michael Jackson. When I was a kid, I really loved it when it came through the house!

14) What do you think about other musical genres, other than the ones you play or listen to?

For me, electro (psytrance for example), acoustic folk, a little bit of jazz or classical too.

15) What useful information would you give to other beginning bands about the life of a musician?


16) To sum it all up: What are your goals and what would you really like to achieve as a musician?

I would like to tour with USQUAM, to play with good bands in our style. An album is also in preparation: this is one of my priorities for 2022!


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